Sunday, September 14, 2008

My monday morning workout...

I just got back into my office about 10 minutes ago from my morning workout (today consisted of a light jog by the lake, then down to the local gym for a date with some barbells, then back to my place). But before I sat back down in my desk to answer some of my emails, I did something I almost never do on monday morning...I LOST IT! With all the time I've been spending working on getting the new Go Sleeveless Expansion packs ready for launch, I've been spending more then my normal share of time in front of a keyboard, as a result, I've gotten a little irritable lately.

So instead of sitting down at the computer for another 4 hour stretch; I hung up my 80lb heavy bag (punching bag) in my garage and went to town!

After getting my aggressions out with a 15 minute boxing session, I must say, I was RELIEVED! As a result, in the last hour, I've gotten more work done than I likely would have in four hours if I hadn't gotten that release of tension.

So my words of advice to you are this: If you think you absolutely positively don't have time to workout - then you need it more than anyone.

Take just a little time each day to get that physical release, and the quality of your work (and your life) will take a dramatic turn for the better, I promise you that!

PS. If you want to see what I've been pouring my heart and soul into the last few months, check out for more details.

See you there,