Thursday, October 30, 2008

More of your questions about flabby arms answered

Ok folks, here's the rest of the questions and answers...

Q: I have always been overweight- since childhood. My arms have been big as well. I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and have about 40 lbs to go. My arms however don’t seem to budge. My forearms are very tones and I can see the muscles as they work. But my upper arms have decreased only a bit in size and now show big arms with saggy skin. I know the saggy skin is another issue all together. What can I do to get my upper arms to catch up to the rest of me?

Donna M. Hunter

Donna, first off, forearms in most people store very little fat, so that explains why you see muscle definition there, but not in other places. The upper arms are a different story, they are particularly stubborn with traditional weight loss programs. It can be disheartening to see your upper arms start to sag as you lose weight, it might feel that the problem is getting worse before it is getting better. In many cases this is where many women will simply give up and think that it’s hopeless.

However, as I have seen time and time again, if you start using exercises that are designed to tone and developing the upper arms, while at the same time causing a massive shift in your metabolism and forcing your ENTIRE body to start melting fat, your problem will go away.
Because there is no way to lose fat just from one select spot on your body (known as spot reducing) you have to make your body burn fat everywhere. At first, it may seem that you are losing fat from everywhere on your body except your arms, but if you continue past that point, all of a sudden your arms will start reducing as well. Don’t give up! if you keep losing fat and continue to focus on toning your arms, you will see great results. Just make sure you are using an appropriate program.

Q: Hi, How do I know your program really works and I am not wasting more $$ on fitness products? Thank you. Donna Blackmon

Donna, this is probably going through everyone’s mind right now. In Canada alone, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars (probably millions) spent annually on crappy equipment, machinery, gadgets, powders, lotions, pills, and gizmos, and most of them don’t work worth a damn, so what makes me so sure that mine works?

First, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. On my website I have posted first-hand testimonials from my clients about how the program has worked for them. These are unaltered, and in their own words. I can’t fake this stuff. Check out the before and after for proof if you don’t believe me.

Second, I offer my personal guarantee that the program will work. If it doesn’t, you keep the program, AND you get your money back. This is a HUGE risk for me. After all, what’s stopping someone from buying the program, and immediately requesting a refund, while keeping the program for free? Nothing. I just hope that people are more honest than this and actually follow the program. I know it works, I have seen how it works, and I know that it will work for you too. If it didn’t, I couldn’t possible offer a guarantee like this, I would be bankrupt in less than a month.

Third, just google “Go Sleeveless Truth”, or “Go Sleeveless scam”. If this program didn’t work, the internet would be flooded with negative reviews from people it didn’t work for. Last time I checked, I couldn’t find one bad review (however I did find quite a few positive ones).

Q: I like books. My husband doesn't like me to download off this computer. Could you have a few copies made into books for us "old schoolers". Since my computer rejected your address in your blog as unfriendly, I am doubtful of ordering from you. I was very excited to see all your info, but I wanted a book. Now that I can't get your free info, I will just have to survive on your emails. Linda Limpert

Linda, I knew there would be at least one ‘technical’ question asked, and thanks for asking it, I often struggle with this end of things myself. Yes, some people will have problems accessing my links from emails. Unfortunately, this is something that is unavoidable due to the vast difference is people’s computers, operating systems, browsers etc. If you can’t access my links, try typing the link into your browser address bar or cutting and pasting it.
If that doesn’t work, just email me. Myself or one of my assistants will gladly help you out with a working link or address so you can get the information.

As for a hard copy book, one of the reasons I don’t currently offer a hard-copy book is to keep costst down. Since you just download the program you don’t have to pay for shipping or printing. Secondly, Clickbank, the shopping cart website Go Sleeveless uses, does not allow me to ship hard-copy goods, only ebooks.

However, I am always more than happy to have a hard copy printed and shipped to you by special request (for an extra charge of course). For more details, please email me at

Q: How do I know your program is any different from the many appeals and emails I get from other offers on a daily basis? We are bombarded by emails every day trying to sell me a book, a pill,or a program that may or may not work. What makes you different? Lynn Reid

Hi Lynn, I think I just answered the same question from Donna, please see a couple questions above.

Q: My question is this: I have gained more than 125 pounds (second time). I am beginning a life style change (not a diet) to include eating healthy and exercising. I did this seven years ago and lost all this 125 pounds and aim to do so again this time keeping it off permanently. My arms have always made me self conscious as I have the 'bat wings'. With your program, can I have buff arms--will the loose excess skin disappear? Anxious to hear your answer. Bobbie Wagner

Bobbie, yes indeed you can. Again, please read a few questions back to get some more details. There is no reason that you will get stuck with excess skin if you follow the program I have created. Yes, this can happen with other weight loss programs, but I have been able to develop a program that eliminates the worry about this problem. The skin will rebound back to it’s normally size, fitting tightly around your nice toned arms. Please be sure to note that proper nutrition and adequate hydration is essential for this to happen.

Q: Good Afternoon Rylan, My question for you is about the hypnosis you mentioned a few posts back. I have been overweight my whole life, not obese but a BMI of 28 or over. What you said made sense to me about being overweight and thinking of myself as overweight. I can start a weight loss program with exercise but have not been able to follow thru to the healthy living (continuing on the program or maintenance) part. I would like to know how to pick a self-hypnosis and subliminal messages program for weight loss and maintenance and where do I find them? Thank you for your help and I enjoy reading your posts! Michelle

Thanks for the kind words Michelle, its nice to know that people are enjoying my work. With regard to self-hypnosis and subliminal messages, there is a lot of CRAP out there. I know this, because when I was going through the same struggle as you are now, I bought and used so many of these products with little or know results. Almost everything out there is a ‘canned’ program that is very general or suited to everyone. And when I see something that is suited to everyone, that usually means suited to no one. I finally decided to learn and study these areas myself, and eventually became skilled in producing my own audio hypnosis and subliminal messages program for my own use.

But I am happy to announce there will be no need for you to spend hundreds of hours studying and researching as I did. I just recently completed two audio program specifically for the Go Sleeveless program that are for women looking to transform their entire bodies easily and effortlessly, and of course, with very specific focus on the arms. Keep checking the website and my blog, because they will be launching in the very near future.

Also, if you are looking for something very custom, I will be offering (for a very limited number of clients) custom audio programs that will help you achieve any goals that you want. Normally this would cost you thousands, but not in this case - so again, keep checking back here.

And straggler that came in the day after the deadline, but a great question nonetheless...

Good morning Rylan, I can't believe you only received 9 responses for a question. My question is, if you do lose weight without toning the muscles and now have gross sagging underarm skin, is there any hope of being able to wear sleeveless tops ever again?? Marion Robertson, Nanaimo

Great question Marion, and nice to hear from a fellow western Canadian. The short answer is yes, there is hope. However, it will be necessary to start working on the muscles in the arms right away. By toning and defining the muscle you will start to tighten and firm the tissue in the upper arm, and the skin will begin to rebound back to it's original state. There will still likely be some left over fatty tissue there as well, so still focusing on losing body fat while you tone the arms will be of benefit as well. It is rare that there is only 'lose skin' left over. As soon as you begin to develop and tone the underlying muscles, and lose the last little bit of excess fatty tissue, going sleeveless is a sure thing.

Okay folks, that's enough for today.

I'm now off to a conference in Vancouver for the next few days to meet with some other health and fitness professionals. I'm sure I will come back with even more great knowlege that will allow me to help you in your quest to acheive toned and sexy arms.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The shocking reason why you have flabby arms

To start, I want to extend my thanks to everyone who took the time to send in your questions, I’ll get to the answers in a minute, and tell you how to collect your program.

But first, I need to tell you what really shocked me, and I mean REALLY shocked me. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of people who subscribe to my email list, only 9 people bothered to send in a question and get their free program. ONLY 9!

What does this mean?

This means that the single most obvious reason that you have flabby arms, is because of your inability to actually do something about it.

It’s not because of genetics, diet, lack of exercise, ill health, lack of money (I mean come on, I am GIVING you the program for absolutely nothing!) or anything else other than the fact that you simply refused to take any action.

It’s as simple as that. I was offering a totally free program, no strings attached, no catch. All you had to do was submit a question, and you would get your program.

This is astonishing people, and it’s time for a wake-up call. You can sit there and complain about how things are day in and day out, but if you won’t get off your butt and do something about it, then you only have yourself to blame.


Ok, enough with my rant, on to the questions.

I have not altered these questions at all, they are exactly as they were sent to me. My answers are kind of long, so I’m going to split this up over two posts. We’ll start here….

Q: My question is I am 51 years old. What happens to all the flabby arm bits? Will I have loose skin or will it shrink back to what it use to be like? Regards Lyn

Well Lyn, what I am about to tell you is something that the plastic surgeons would not want you to know. Unfortunately, the media has tried to brainwash you into thinking that sagging skin is a result of aging and there is nothing you can do about it (except cutting it off with surgery). This is dead wrong. Most of the women I have worked with in their quest to eliminate sagging and flabby arms have been in their late fifties and early sixties, and not one of them had a problem with excess sagging skin at the end of the program.

If you exercise, hydrate yourself properly, and eat a healthy diet, the skin’s elasticity returns and tightens as you reduce the fat deposits surrounding the arm. Also, as you tone the muscles underneath the skin with the exercises in the Go Sleeveless program, you actually cause the skin to tighten further around your arms. If you just lose weight without toning the muscles, then you WILL be left with sagging skin. That is why Go Sleeveless helps you lose fat, but tone muscle at the same time. Doing one without the other will result in horrible results.

What happens to all the extra bits? Well, your body is in a constant state of ‘remodeling’ and cells are being destroyed and recreated every day. The cells that sit on your body are not fifty years old, even if you are. Quite simply put, your body metabolizes (eats up) the extra fat and skin cells and re-creates healthy new cells to put in their place, but ONLY if you provide them with the necessary direction by following a proper program like Go Sleeveless.


Great question Donna. First off all, if you haven’t already read my recent post on my story and how I got into this line of work, please do. It will explain a lot, and I think it illustrates very clearly that I once was in horrible shape myself, so I know what it’s like to be challenged with weight and health problems. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am a man, so what do I know about woman’s problems?

I guess the best analogy that I can give you is in the case of male doctors. Many women have male doctors, but what could a male doctor possibly know about women’s problems? A lot actually, because they have spent extensive time studying, researching, and working with women’s bodies. Some even specialize in this area and become obstetrician/gynecologists. It is very much the same in my case.

I spent 6 years in university studying human performance, exercise physiology and sports medicine, with a specific focus on women’s health and body issues. Since graduating, I have further specialized in this field, and I work almost exclusively with women. To be quite honest, most men are too macho to admit they need a personal trainer (they think they know it all already ;-)

I decided very early on in my career that I wanted to work with women because they needed my help more. Women have very specific challenges when it comes to getting in shape, challenges that men do not have, and so, this is who I have found I prefer to work with. With regards to flabby arms specifically, I have devoted a large part of the past two years of my life to finding a solution to this problem, because nearly all of my clients were faced with this challenge, and I was determined to help them. Through trial and error I succeeded in creating a program that worked incredibly well, and that program is now what you know as Go Sleeveless. I may not be a woman, but trust me when I say I know how to help women achieve their goals.

Q: My name is Bea and I am a 38 year old woman living in Norway. I am a single Mum and I love to get to the gym and work out and I do it 5 times a week. I have been overweight my whole life but I am quite fit and have plenty of energy to get me through long days. I eat sensible and when I started to work about a year ago, about 40 pounds came right off me, but now I don't get anywhere regarding my overweight and I find it very strange. Not a pound in 3 months. My question to you then is as follows: Is there any advice you can give a person like me that seems to stay the same weight no matter what I do?

Bea, great to hear from someone from Norway! It’s so exciting to hear that my help reaches women all across the globe! That is one thing that is so incredible about working with clients through the internet, you can reach anyone, anywhere.

Now, without getting into too much detail (In a private consultation I would gather extensive data on your history, what you have tried etc), the first thing that sends up a red flag is that you lost a bunch of weight, then it stopped. This is a classic case of hitting a ‘plateau’ or in other words, everything just seems to stop working. This is almost ALWAYS a result of following the same program for far too long. You need to shock the body into change, and then the weight will start falling off all over again, and keep falling.

I highly recommend you get yourself a new program and completely revamp the way you train. Many women are in your shoes. They feel fit and healthy, and they have lots of energy, but the body they see in the mirror doesn’t reflect that way they feel inside. You may feel fit and healthy, but when you look at yourself you see fat and out of shape.

Again, this is almost always a result of staying on the same program and same eating plan for far too long. What also interests me is that you say you have been overweight your whole life. I would highly suspect that you have a ‘fat’ picture of yourself in your mind, which tends to create a ‘fat’ picture of yourself on the outside. I spoke about this in more detail in recent posts relating to using self-hypnosis and subliminal messages to help you re-program your mental picture of yourself to get the fat to start dropping off again.

I would recommend paying particular attention to the mental aspect of your weight loss. A women of your age will have absolutely no problem losing weight as soon as the mental aspects are dealt with, and you are put on a more effective program. That's not to say that older women will have much more difficulty, just that at your age the results should come exceptionally fast.

So that's it for today folks. I will post the answers to the remaining questions in a couple days once you've had a chance to read and digest the information presented here.

Now for everyone who has submitted a question, thank you, and please check your email for your free program. I look forward to hearing about your imminent success!

Talk to you later,


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Exercises For Flabby Arms and Bat-Wings

I'm going to make you an irresistible offer in a minute, so you'll definitely want to keep reading this post to find out what it is, but first I want to address the big purple elephant in the room.

And that elephant is....

....why I want your money.

Confused? Keep reading...

Sometimes those of us in the fitness information and personal training industries get accused of 'selling too much' or 'not giving any useful information'. Many trainers I have spoken with are also frequently accused of being scam artists.

Myself, I have received many, MANY nasty emails where I am berated by people for what I do for a living.

These are just a few quotes from recent emails I have received over the past two weeks:

"I don't want your emails, you aren't who you say you are"

"This is a scam, you just want me to buy your book, stop emailing me"

"....there is no real information, just junk"

I have to be outright honest with you...this hurts.

Really, it does.

Imagine for a second that you are a doctor and you have your own family practice.

A patient comes in and asks you to help her. She is complaining of a sore throat, and upon further examination your discover she has a bacterial infection that can be cured with a simple coarse of antibiotics.

You hand her a prescription and tell her to take that for a six weeks and the problem will be gone.

Now imagine your patient crumpling up and throwing that prescription back in your face and telling you that you are a scam and 'all you want is my money', and that 'this is useless I thought you were going to help me!' She then storms out of the office in a rage and slams the door behind her.

You probably would be a little disheartened right?

After all, you spent years in med school under intense pressure and perpetual test anxiety, long sleepless nights studying for exams, and working part time jobs every hour your weren't studying just to try and pay down your student loans.

All this so you could help people.

Thankfully doctors aren't often treated this way otherwise there would be far, far less of them in the world today, and boy do we need our doctors.

But this is exactly what I experience on a constant basis. And why?

I don't know.

Maybe it's because you aren't meeting me face to face and you think that I'll take your money and run and you won't have anything to show for it.

Maybe it's because the media likes to portray the internet as rampant with scam artists.

Maybe it's because you think I should give away everything for free.

Whatever it is, I don't really know, but I want to.

I want you to trust me, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to gain that trust.

To start, I believe that in order for you to trust me I need to be 100% open and transparent about what I do and how I make my living.

To do that, I am giving you an opportunity that very few professionals in my position are comfortable giving.

I am opening myself up to you - to ask any question that you want about me and my business, no holds barred, no punches pulled, and no limitations.

I want you to trust me, and I want you to see that I am here because I want to help.

So here's what I'm going to do...

I am going to give you one of my programs for free. No gimmicks, no catch.

I'm even going to give you my private email address to show you how sincere I am about this - and I am taking a HUGE risk doing this because I have previously only made this address available to my private paying clients.

And since we're on the topic of honesty, here is why I am doing this...

I feel that if I give you one of my programs for free, you will be so impressed by the quality of work that I do, and you will then trust me with your hard earned dollars by actually purchasing one of my programs in the future.

Of course, you could simply take your free program and never give me a red cent.

You could also take my private email address and flood me with questions, harass me, and spam my inbox until I have to shut it down (what happens if you have a business and suddenly change your phone number? Past customers who used to call that number will have no way of knowing that you changed it and will take their business elsewhere - not a smart idea for any business person, but this is exactly what I'm doing.)

Of course, I am risking a whole lot by doing this. But I am going to put my trust in YOU and hope that this doesn't happen, and that you show me the same respect that I'm showing you.

So here is what you need to do to get your free program...

I want you to email me at my private email address (which is with one question. The question should be answerable in a couple sentences, and should relate to my business and how I can gain your trust.

For everyone who sends me a question, I will then send you the Go Sleeveless Results Booster program absolutely free.

That's all there is too it.

I will compile all the questions asked, and post the most common and applicable questions and answers here for everyone to see.

The only catch is you need to have your question in to me by no later than midnight October the 28th pacific standard time, to get your free program.

I will send out all the free programs on the 29th by midnight to an email address that you specify in your message to me.

So there you are folks. My door is open for you, so walk on through.

Helping you achieve sexy and toned arms.


To answer the question I posed at the beginning of this post, why do I want your money? Quite simply, because without it, I couldn't pay my bills. For me to be able to spend time writing blog posts, making YouTube posts, and talking to you, I need to be able to make money while I do it. Without your support, there is simply no way I could spend the time doing all these things that I do. So to all of you who have already put your trust in me and purchased one of my programs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as does my family. Without you I couldn't do what I do.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Get Out Stakes

You may be thinking what on earth is the “get out stakes”.

I know I had blank stares when the words were mentioned to me.

Anyway, it seems that the get out stakes is something the Aussies like to use to describe the last race of the day (horse racing terms I guess).

Anyway, today is the last chance, your get out stakes you could say, to get on board the Aussie Fatblast Success System before the price increases by $10 tomorrow AND the 5 fast action bonuses are taken down.

Click Here For Aussie Fat Blast

Normally the price goes up when you ad bonuses but the Aussies like to do things differently. So I’d definitely recommend you get on board TODAY before the bonuses are taken down.

So by my reckoning if you miss the bus on this launch special you are missing some great bonuses and of course the super low price that will never see the light of day again.

Of course, the Aussie Fatblast System has a 60 day guarantee so it really is a risk free option. If you’re not happy, you don’t have to pay. Simple as that.

Click Here For Aussie Fat Blast

At the end of the day, the choice is yours but I know what I would do if I were in your shoes!

Have a great weekend.

Helping you achieve toned and sexy arms,


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Aussie's Secret To Fat Loss Success

I recently had the great opportunity to interview Australia's leading fat loss expert, Daniel Munday, and I put YOUR questions to him. I was impressed with his Aussie Fat Blast system
already, but now I am a TRUE believer in his system. Check it out....

Q: So Dan, the question all my clients want to know is, will this work
for me? How can I reassure them that their money is well spent on your
program? I mean, I know that it works because I am a trained professional - it is
my job to know what works and what doesn’t, but what can you tell me
that will convince my readers that this isn’t just another scam or hyped up
program that doesn’t deliver results?

A: I know what you mean mate. I've seen so much rubbish out there that
people can?t help but be skeptical ESPECIALLY when I'm saying some
things that are so far out of left field for some people. My answer to
those who may be a little skeptical is good. You should be. That way I
know you're seriously thinking about what I say rather than just
glossing over it and nod your head.

But here's why it's not a scam. I knew that I had to be a guinea pig
myself to show people what can happen. My own transformation came
after I got home from an overseas holiday in June carrying a few extra
kilos and knew I needed to be the example for everyone. I followed
everything that was in the Secret Guide to Smart Eating.

I followed the workout routines in the Success Manual and I even
enjoyed no more than 4 cheat meals each week. Look at the home page
before and after photos and you can see the difference from 2 hours of
exercise a week. I couldn't fake that otherwise my reputation would be
ruined. I don't want that.

Low intensity, boring aerobic sessions just doesn't cut it anymore. I
needed results in less time and I've proven, along with those success
stories from my clients that it can happen to you too.

Q: Ok, sounds great, but my clients are women, and they have their own
special needs. You and I both know that women have more trouble
losing body fat than men, how does the Aussie Fat Blast address women’s issues
(metabolism, genetics, etc) specifically?

A: I think that women traditionally have more problems because they
believe a lot of the rubbish that society tells them about nutrition.
Women especially need to stop listening to nutritionists with out of
date qualifications that preach the benefits of low fat diets. Low fat
foods are just full of artificial sweeteners and too much sugar that
just makes you fatter and hungrier so you eat more. So that's the
first big thing.

With regards to metabolism, the way the Aussie Fatblast workouts are
structured is to literally put a blowtorch to your metabolism by
choosing exercises that use multiple muscles at once and not focusing
on exercises that do nothing to promote fat loss like crunches.

In my women only Little Black Dress Workout I also discuss the number
one secret that women need to know to eliminate cellulite.

Q: Ok, let’s talk about time. The Aussie Fat Blast contains some
workouts that are as short as 10 minutes. Now, everyone is busy and
wants more time to spend with their family and doing things that really want to do, but 10 minutes? Can you really get a good workout done in 10 minutes?

A: Yeah I used to think that too! I'm a busy person, like you and like
your readers and clients are so I knew that I always couldn't get my
traditional workouts in, sometimes even the 20 minutes workouts.

It just comes down to making sure your exercises are multi-joint
movements that will get your heart rate up ? so like Swings, T Push
Ups and a Hover to Push Up. Do those 3 for a minute each and repeat x
2 and you will be smashed!

If you chose something like crunches, leg extensions and chest press
machine then you are right. It is not enough time. I fact, you've just
wasted 6 minutes!

Q: Excellent stuff! Now, my readers know that I live up in Canada (we’re
just about into winter here) and we can hide behind warm baggy clothes
for six months out of the year and we tend to 'forget’ about our bodies during
this time. But you’re from Sydney, Australia where it is beach season
all year long right? You folks don’t have the luxury of covering up and taking
a break from it all. Can you tell me two secrets that you have that
allow you to stay in great shape ALL year long? Because I know I sometimes
struggle with keeping lean when those cold winter months hit here.

A: We think we get a cold winter but compared to you guys we
definitely get off easy! But you're right. It is easy to go into a
winter hibernation. People even do it here.

My first big secret is to do what basically everyone else doesn't
recommend you do. That is to make sure you reduce, or eliminate if
possible, the wheat and gluten in your diet. That means basically
everything that is processed. That way you are not ingesting any extra
nasties that are just causing you to put on weight. In fact, if you
get off wheat and gluten for only a day or two, your belly will
instantly shrink and you won't be bloated anymore!

Secondly, the other secret is to use my Pulse Intervals training tips.
So instead of pounding the pavement or treadmill like most people do I
actually encourage people to STOP jogging. That will just encourage your fat to
stick around and ruin your joints.

By following the Pulse Intervals method of training you are using high
intensity sprints followed by low intensity recovery. This can be done
indoors or outdoors with any equipment except a cross trainer. They
are no good when it comes to fat loss. So that's a bonus tip for you
right there!

Q: Thanks Dan, this is great info. I just have to tell you again how
impressed I was with your Aussie Fat Blast program, and now I’m sure
my clients can see why. Why don’t you take a sec and tell me about the great
promotion you are offering for the rest of this week.

A: Thanks mate, I really appreciate the kind words. I have had some
great response from people about this which really excites me. I
really feel that this can finally give people the body that they
deserve and actually make a difference out there.

I'm actually offering 2 special incentives to get people to take
action today. First of all, the special launch price investment is
only $29.77 USD which is a steal for what you get. On Saturday, this
goes up to $39.77 USD so you can save $10 to start with.

You will get your hands on all of the following:
* Aussie Fatblast Success Manual - the main exercise manual
* Secret Guide to Smart Eating - nutrition guidelines
* Pulse Intervals - interval cardio section
* 13.5 Recipes in 13.5 mins or less
* Optimise Blowtorch bonus workouts
* Little Black Dress program to get the girls into their LBD for that
special function
* Can the Man Cans program for the fellas to get rid of man boobs
* Beginners Body Weight Blitz Manual for the first timer
* Chris Widener MP3 of the Best Test ? an awesome resource for serious
* Workout Muse Tabata MP3 and Post Workout recovery stretching manual
from my mate BJ Gaddour
* The Maniac Unleashed MP3 audio interview with Tommy Pavia - The
Maniac Mental Skills Coach which is essential listening for anyone
looking to get to the top with the right mindset.

There are also 5 time sensitive bonuses that you can get your hands
on. AND I promise these will be taken down on Saturday so if you
snooze you loose!
FAST ACTION BONUS # 1: Your PERSONAL Food Diary Review (a value of $50) -
Simply print out the food diary that comes with the Secret Guide to
Smart Eating which starts on page 41. Fill it out with everything you
eat and drink for 7 days and then email it back to me for review.
I'll personally get back to you with suggestions on how to improve
your nutrition within 14 days.
This bonus alone has the potential to transform your fat loss results forever.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 2: Benson Manento's 73 Rapid Fat Loss Tips E-Book
( a value of $19.99) -
ATL's finest, Benson Manento, shares his 73 most coveted tips for
rapid fat loss so that you can experience the benefits of his simple,
yet effective strategies just like his loyal clients have!
Benson really believes he was put on earth to serve and change the
lives of many. It is safe to say he is living out his purpose.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 3: Ed Scow's 10 Minute Workouts (a value of $19.99) -
Ed gives you the perfect companion to the Aussie Fatblast Optimise
Blowtorch Sessions bonus exercises. No excuses for not exercising when
you don't have the time or when you have finished the exercises from
the Aussie Fatblast Success Manual. Ed?s fat blasting exercises will
ensure you get a sweat on, and fast!

FAST ACTION BONUS # 4: Chris Lopez on the Aussie Fatblast Hotseat (a
value of $29.77) The World's Busiest Dad, Chris Lopez, shares his secrets on how you
can still get your workouts in even if you are the world's busiest dad
or the world's busiest person. Chris spills the beans on some of his
favorite time saving exercises and food tips that will ensure even
the busiest people stay lean.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 5: Noel Lyons Interviews Daniel Munday (a value of
$29.77) One of the UK's Premier Fitness Experts, Noel Lyons grills Daniel on
why he does what he does as well as discussing attitudes to exercise
and motivation secrets that you must know to succeed on your fat loss
mission including why Determination plus Motivation plus Perspiration
really does equal Performance.

And I tell you what Rylan, because I like what you're doing I'll even
throw in another secret bonus that is exclusive for your readers ONLY.

I did a great phone call with my mate Ben Warstler on Friday, who's
known as The Former Fat Kid. Ben has some great insights on what
made him take action to get the great body that he has today.

For anyone that signs up through your site Rylan, I'll personally
email that to them as well. But they have to take action before
Friday. How bout that?

Thanks for having me on board champ and I just want to say one final
thing to everyone out there.

There is a new world order of fat loss that is emerging and I believe
that once people embrace these new theories only then will they get
the body that they have dreamed about for years. Imagine how great
that will feel?

Thanks Dan for this opportunity to chat with you, I really appreciate it.
So there you are folks, if you want to get in on this great deal head on over
to Dan's site by clicking below and pick up your extra bonus for being one
of my readers.

Aussie Fat Blast

Helping you achieve toned and sexy arms (and the rest of your body as well)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Gauranteed Fat Loss? Yes, really!

I have something I am really excited to share with you today.

My friend Daniel Munday has just today launched his ultimate fat
loss solution for the busy professional – the Aussie Fatblast
Success System and he asked me to tell you about it.

After checking out the program, I felt that it is something you
should really be checking out for yourself.


I must admit I was a little skeptical when this guy from down in
Australia came out and told me he had another fat loss product.

But the difference with this one though is that the Aussie Fatblast
System shows that it’s possible in only 20 minutes or less a day to
achieve some pretty cool fat loss results.

The Aussie Fatblast Success System has really filled a hole in the
fat loss market as most programs realistically did not cater for
the person who was too busy to fit in regular workouts.

The Aussie Fatblast system definitely hits the nail on the head for
this, delivering short workouts that maximise the big bang
exercises to put your metabolism into overdrive and help you burn
fat even while you sleep.

The program itself is pretty cool, but the thing that really got me
onside was the amazing bonuses that Daniel has been able to get his
hands on.

Most of them he created himself – such as the Secret Guide to Smart
Eating which is a lot different to anything else I have seen.
Basically, Daniel doesn’t pull any punches and tells some pretty
hard hitting truths about nutrition and how people have been lied
to for so long (even by nutritionists). He even designed a new look
food pyramid that shows you what we all should really be eating.

There is also his manual specifically dedicated to interval
training – Pulse Intervals. These sessions are quick – 10 minutes
max plus warm up and cool down of 5 mins total yet still give you
results, so are ideal for the busy person short on time.

One of the other bonuses is really cool too. He has come up with 13
½ Meals (don’t ask me how you can get half a meal!) that you can
cook in 13 ½ minutes or less so the busy person no longer has an
excuse not to cook. Pretty handy huh?

There are also two mp3 audios, one from the master motivator,
speaker and author Chris Widener and one from an up and coming guy
who is known as the Maniac Mental.


But it gets even better. Daniel has got a special launch offer of
$29.77 just for you guys and the price is going up $10 before he
tells the rest of the world.

And if you are still to cross the line, he has put up another 5
fast action, time sensitive bonuses on top of the 12 books and
mp3s. One of these alone will pay for your investment many times
over and that’s a personal food diary review where you can submit
to Daniel what you eat over a 7 day period and he will personally
give you some feedback on where you can improve!

To check out all of the bonuses that you can get your hands on, I’d
seriously recommend you check out the Aussie Fatblast Success
System at the following site:


And as Daniel often says:
Don’t let fear hold you back!

It simply would take me months of hard work for hours and hours a
day to put together a dedicated fat-burning program like this,
so I have no hesitation in recommending this product for you. I
son't see any point in creating my own version when Daniel has
done such an amazing job.

And if anyone knows how to stay lean, it's the Aussies. These folks
have beach season all year long. They don't have the luxury of
covering themselves up in warm baggy clothes like us Canadians up

Helping you acheive toned and sexy arms,


PS. Remember how I've been telling you about my success with
self-hypnosis and subliminal messages in my own loss goals?
Well, I was so impressed with Daniel's program that I contributed
two of my very own bonuses to this great offer he's making.

Now, this isn't listed on the webpage, as it's a bit of a secret,
but if you go to his website and decide to pick this offer up by
clic.king on the purchase button, you
will have a one-time chance to pick up the "executives club package''
and I highly recommend that you get it.

It's only an extra 38 bucks, and it will get you BOTH my self
hypnosis AND subliminal re-programming audio sessions, PLUS three
other bonuses. When and if I decide to release these to my customers,
they will be sold for much more than $38 bucks each. But right
now I don't know if I have the time to add them to my website,
so I just might leave them with Daniel.

So if you want effortless fat-loss, head over to
and pick up the "Executives Club Package" to get the most lethal
and effective fat burning program I have ever come across.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What do you know about exercises for flabby arms Rylan?

"What would you know about exercises for flabby arms Rylan? You're a man, and you're a personal trainer, you don't know what it feels like to be out of shape. Walk a mile in my shoes and then you'll know how hard it is!"

This was the response I received to one of my recent emails talking about exercises for flabby arms.

Not exactly the type of response one hopes for when they're trying to help people out is it?

But it is a valid point. How can I help you if I've never experienced what it feels like to have your problem?

So you want to know the truth about me? It might shock you.

Ok, so here it goes....

The majority of my life I've been fat. I steadily gained weight all through elementary school, and when I hit high school it got worse, much much worse.

As hard as it is for anyone to be overweight, trying going through high-school as a fat kid. People can be cruel, but kids are the cruelest of the bunch, and it was not fun.

Desperatley trying to avoid the older kids who would push you down the hall and call you "fat ass", never having a date, not going to any school dances because you know nobody would dance with you, covering up your entire body in baggy and oversized clothes because you think it will hide how fat your are, getting to gym class early to change so nobody would see your body, not showering with the rest of the guys because of how embarrased you are. It was hell, and I would never go back for all the money in the world.

So why didn't I do something about it?

Boy did I try..

Diets didn't work. When I tried dieting I was always hungry. When I wasn't dieting I ate the same things as the other people and I gained weight while they stayed lean and in great shape.

Besides, if I brought things to school to eat that were 'diet foods' god help me - it makes me cringe remembering the harassment I got there.

Exercise didn't seem to do it either.

I joined the rugby team and basketball team and baseball team (I was accepted only because they had a policy that no kids would be turned away).

I also got a gym membership at 15 and would spend an hour there after a two-hour gueling basketball or rugby practice.

I showed a little improvement from the exercise, but it was impossible for me to sustain three hours of high-intensity workouts with all the studying and school work AND while working on our family farm.

That's right, I worked on a farm. If that isn't exercise, I don't know what is.

No good. Still fat.

So when did it all change? And more importantly, WHAT changed it?

I went to my high school graduation alone.

After our ceremony, we were announced as couples as we walked into the hall where our dinner was being held.

When I heard just my name called (I had no date remember), it was beyond embarrasing to walk to my seat alone.

I had enough.

Once school was out I immersed myself in learning everything I possibly could to do with exercise and nutrition. I was determined to end this cycle of misery. I started working out with a passion, and I totally changed my eating habits.

One thing I got really into was self-hypnosis and subliminal audio programs.

I started visualizing myself with the body I wanted, and I started to re-program how I viewed myself and my body.

In a matter of just three months, my body had transformed. and I mean TRANS-FORMED. People who I had graduated with couldn't even recognize me when I came up to them, my family was shocked, and all of a sudden I started getting attention. GOOD attention this time!

But why didn't this all work before? Remember I had tried dieting and working out before and I didn't get anywhere?

The difference was, I no longer saw myself as a "Fat Person". I successfully re-programmed myself to be lean and muscular, and it was literally effortless after that.

That doesn't mean that I didn't have to workout and eat right, it means that working out and eating right was no longer difficult. I enjoyed it, in fact I LOVED it.

In summary

  • I started as "fat person" with a "fat person" mind.
  • I decided to change my mind, and I became a "fat person" with a "skinny-person" mind.
  • I then quicky, VERY quickly, became a "skinny person" with a "skinny person" mind.

Where ever you mind goes, your body will follow. It's as simple as that. I am living breathing proof. I suffered through years of torment and anguish until I found the missing key to lasting success.

Helping you acheive toned and sexy arms,


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to get rid of flabby arms effortlessly with hypnosis

If you constantly fight to try and lose weight, if you feel like it is always an uphill battle that just leaves you beaten up and hopeless at the end, then this post is for you.

There is a secret that I use as part of my daily routine that makes exercising and maintaining a healthy diet virtually effortless. In fact, the challenge is when I need to take a day OFF from working out - that's the hard part.

Now isn't that a problem that you would like to have?

So what is this secret, and how can you make it work for you?

The secret is self-hypnosis and subliminal messages.

Now before you click away, hold on a sec and hear me out...

Most people balk at the thought of hypnosis and subliminal messages as they immediately think of people on stage walking around clucking like chickens at the command of a stage hypnotist.

This is not what I'm talking about.

Basically speaking, if you find it difficult to exercise and eat right, it's simply because you have programmed yourself to dislike these activities or you associate more pain to giving up the sweets and treats and having to get off the couch than the alternative.

What hypnosis and subliminal messages do is simply re-program your subconscious towards whatever the new goal is.

For example, if you want to eliminate flabby arms, but you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise, and you can't seem to stop your sugar cravings, then by getting yourself into a hypnotic state (which is really nothing more than a very relaxed, but awake state) and then giving yourself new suggestions such as "exercise is easy and effortless for me", and "I strongly dislike the taste of sugary foods" you will begin to reset your habits.

All hypnosis and subliminal messages do is get your conscious mind out of the way so you can then fill your subconscious mind with 'good stuff' that makes it easy to accomplish your new goal.

Your conscious mind is notorious for getting in the way when you try and create new habits and goals. It's that voice that you hear when you tell yourself "I'm skinny, good looking, and smart" that pipes up and yells "No you're not! Your FAT, UGLY, and DUMB!"

How can you ever hope to acheive your goals with this back and forth going on?

You can't.

This is why it is so difficult to start new healthy habits, and why close to 95% of people who start an exercise and nutrition plan, go back to their old habits in less than 30 days. It's because their subconcoius mind is programmed to be fat and lazy.

So how can you re-program yourself to get rid of flabby and sagging arms forever?

Well, I've made it super simple for you.

I've been working on two new projects over the last month or so, and they're just about ready to be released.

The first is a guided self-hypnosis session that will take you step-by-step through re-programming yourself to guaranteed success in your health and fitness goals. This is a simple as setting aside about 20 minutes a day where you can just sit and listen to this relaxing audio track with headphones on.

The second is a recording of subliminal messages that are to be listened to as you sleep. You will hear nothing but soothing sounds and relaxing music that will lull you to sleep, but your subconscious mind will pick up on all the great new affirmations that will start to re-direct you subconciously on a path to absolute success.

By listening to these audio track for about 30 days, combined with the Go Sleeveless program, you (and everyone around you) will be shocked at your incredible results.

So how do you get your hands on copies of these life-transforming audio programs?

I'll be making that announcement next week! Until then...

Helping you acheive toned and sexy arms,


Friday, October 3, 2008

Rylan's Recommended Fitness Tools

Every once and awhile a product comes along that I just have to let you know about, and these headphones are one of em!

I have always hated the way that in-ear headphones tended to fall out of my ears when I was jogging, and the way they started to hurt after a while. For me, music when I workout is a necessity, I just can't get a good workout in without my own tunes, but my headphones were always causing me grief.

Then I found these things. They fit so comfortably that I could wear them for hours on end with no discomfort. They also come with multiple ear pieces to fit all different types of ear sizes, and they block out outside noise (making them great for in flights or car-rides when you want a little peace and quiet - or for blocking out annoying gym music) and the sound quality is amazing. At $63 these things are worth three times that in my opinion.

I also like listen to audio books and relaxation audio programs when I sleep, and I have been able to sleep with these headphones in all night with no discomfort whatsoever, and they stay in perfectly.

If you like to listen to music while you work out, or if you just want a great set of headphones, click the link above to pick up a set of these now!