Friday, August 29, 2008

How to get in shape for a wedding

I'm baaaaack!

Wow, what a week! With my wedding last Saturday, it has been a crazy time.

I have never been more terrified in my life - and more excited - at the same time.

I've spoken, lectured, and given presentations many times before about health and fitness, and how to help women lose weight - but this was different.

As soon as I stepped out of the Hummer (yes, I got to drive a hummer to my wedding! - not mine I'm sorry to say, but it was still incredible to drive!) it hit me, and the nerves set in. But as soon as I saw my beautiful bride coming down the isle, it was all worth it - she was absolutely stunning.

With all the commotion around my house over the last month in preparation for the wedding, of course, one of the most frequent topics was "Rylan, how to I get in shape really fast?"

My bride, of course, knows what to do because she's been around me for over 5 years, soaking up all the knowledge she can - but that's no discredit to her. I have never seen any one of my clients work as hard as she does in the gym - no lie. That girls works, and the results show! And she has been working hard for a long time and was more than prepared. In fact, she had to have her dress altered down a number of sizes before the big day (it's usually the other way around for most brides).

But my sister, friends, and family members all wanted to look great in the wedding photos too, so they wanted my advice, and they were in more than a little panic.

First lesson - Don't wait until the last minute!

Second lesson - How to lose weight as fast as possible (see below)

By far the quickest way to burn through body fat when you have only the least amount of time available - is interval training. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, long duration easy cardio will do nothing for you if you want to look better.

My advice, start implementing interval training into your routine TODAY, not tomorrow, and you WILL see results in the first week.

If you're not too familiar with interval training, it basically goes like this:

Go as hard as you can for a short duration, then go slower and recover for a slightly longer duration. Repeat this a few times.

It's as simple as that.

This forces your body to burn maximum calories, and stoke your metabolism through the roof. If you want a more detailed explanation of how to do interaval training, with the exact program and durations for the best results, then see page 11 in your Go Sleeveless manual.

September is just around the corner, so its time to buckle down and get back to a routine.

PS. Wedding photos to follow

PPS. Go Sleeveless expansion packs launch in 3 days!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exercises for flabby upper arms

Of course, one of the most common questions I hear is...

"what exercise can I do to get rid of flabby upper arms?"

It bears repeating that no single exercise can effectively eliminate flabby upper arms. You need to have a whole arsenal of the best exercises at your disposal. Furthermore, you must be able to put these exercises into a workable program that will have the just the right frequency, sets, reps, and rest intervals included to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

But with all that being said, I do have a favorite or an 'all star' exercise for toning your flabby upper arms, and that is the "Bench Dip"

Bench Dips have a way of hitting the muscles of the back of the arm exceptionally well, and they are often difficult enough (and modifiable) such that they can remain in your training program for an extended period of time.

Below is the description for how to perform the bench dip from the Go Sleeveless program. Want more exercises for flabby upper arms, and how to banish them for good? Check out the Go Sleeveless website today.

Bench Dips

Hold yourself off the end of the bench with your hands on either side of your hips.

• Place your legs out in front of you with your knees bent (as your strength increases you can straighten your legs completely to make the exercise more difficult).

• Lower yourself down towards the floor, as low as possible, or until you feel a good stretch in the armpit area or shoulders.

• Push yourself back up (making sure to reach elbow lockout) and hold for half a second to complete the rep.

NOTE: If you cannot complete the required reps, you may do partial repetitions (only lowering yourself down part way) until your strength increased to the point where you can complete full repetitions.

PS. This will be my last post for a week. My wedding is Saturday, and I will be taking a little time off to enjoy this exciting and monumental event in my life. Wish me luck, and I will talk to you soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to get rid of bat wings and jiggly arms

What is the quickest way to get rid of flabby arms and bat wings?

I hear this question on a daily basis.

Since the popularity of this blog has increased, I find myself at the center of attention more than I am usually comfortable with. People sometimes recognize me from the photo on my website and this blog and come up to me and start asking me questions such as " so how DO I get rid of my arm flab"?

Of course, I want to help more than anything, and thats why I chose this proffesion. But how can I help someone eliminate flabby arms and bat wings when I may only have a matter of seconds with them.

That's when I realized I needed an elevator speech. You know - if you get in an elevator with someone, and they ask you a question about "what you do" you need to be able to give a complete and quick answer before they reach they're floor.

So here's what I've come up with:

1) Strength train to build and sculpt the underlying muscle - you can be the skinniest person in the world, and if you don't have any muscle tone, your arms will still flap.

2) Lose body fat - you will never see the nice sculpted muscle you've worked so hard to develop if you have a layer of fat on top of it all.

And that's all there is to it.

At the most basic level, if you can accomplish these two things, you WILL get rid of bat wings and flabby arms - GUARANTEED.

Need more detail than that? Read the free report I offer on my website by signing up with your name and email address for the Go Sleeveless newsletter.


Even if you've read it once, read it again. This free manual will lay the foundation for your plan to getting rid of flabby arms and bat wings forever.

And remember, your information is always kept strictly confidential, and you can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive my newsletter. I don't want to spam anyone, because I hate spam as much as you do!

Helping you achieve sexy and tones arms,


For those of you who are interested, I will be launching four new expansion packs to the Go Sleeveless system on September 1st. Keep checking this blog for details that will be released closer to the release date.

P.P.S. It seems that the whole Bigfoot press conference didn't answer any questions. DNA evidence was inconclusive. My offer still stands though - if and when this is proven to be the 'real deal' one of my readers will be getting a nice gift.

Friday, August 15, 2008

10 hours left!

The deadline to get ALL FOUR Go Sleeveless expansion packs for a dollar is looming very near.

By midnight tonight, the expansion packs will no longer be available at the same price, and will be bundled with the original Go Sleeveless program at a higher price.

Get those orders in so you don't miss out on over four months of training programs for a buck!


Helping you achieve sexy and sculpted arms,


PS. Bigfoot press conference news to follow!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot found!

Ever since I was a young boy I've been fascinated by Bigfoot or
"Sasquatch" as it's more commonly known where I'm from. I live in
an area of Canada where Sasquatch sightings have been very frequent,
and we even have a brand of beer that has a trademark Sasquatch
mascot in it's TV commercials.

My grandpa used to keep me and my younger brother awake at night
with stories of the hunting trips he used to take when he was a
young cowboy - hunting trips where he would come across signs of
Bigfoot tracks, hair left on barbwire fences, trees knocked over etc.

Of course, when I grew older I kind of figured these were nothing but
stories, but he always remained adamant that they were the truth - which
he then followed up with a pat on my back and him breaking into his
infectious laugh.

After my grandpas funeral, my dad bestowed upon me an envelope of
"Sasquatch hair" that grandpa kept with him in the corn truck on the
farm. Of course, I now know that he would collect hair from the barbed
wire fences (the bears would pass through the fence to get into the corn
fields and their hair would get caught on barbs) to add further
creditability to his Sasquatch tales.

As goofy as all of this sounds, those are some of my fondest memories
of my grandpa. And to this day when I'm camping in the backwoods,
I must admit, I'm much more terrified of being snatched up by a
Sasquatch than running into a bear or cougar - or anything else
a little more "realistic".

Even now as I write this, that envelope of "Bryan Duggan's original
Sasquatch hair" sits in my office in a drawer next to me and reminds
me of how important it is to let your imagination run wild every once
and awhile. It's that uninhibited imagination that so many people
lose as they grow older - but would help to keep you looking and
feeling years younger.

Anyway, there is press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00pst
where these men who have captured Bigfoot will be supposedly by
providing photographic and DNA evidence of their capture, and hopefully
proof of the existence of Sasquatch.

Hoax or not, I know Grandpa Bryan will be watching over this event
and grinning from ear to ear.

So what does this have to do with fitness, again you ask?

Well, I guess nothing really, I'm just really excited and I wanted
to share my enthusiasm with you.

I will tell you this, if Bigfoot is proven to be real tomorrow at
this press conference, I will be sending one of my subscribers a nice
little gift.

If you want in, all you have to do is send me and email and let me know if you
think Bigfoot is real or a hoax.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Very Important News!!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Since the
release of Go Sleeveless I have been secretly working on a NEW PROJECT!

You have to read all of this post to get the details, and I promise
you, it is very, VERY, VERY worth your time!

As you may recall, in a recent blog post I wrote about how
important it is to constantly change and adapt your program. As a
result, I got a swarm of emails from clients asking me what they
should do when they complete the 6 week (or optional 12 week)
program included with Go Sleeveless.

Well, here is the answer!

I have developed an amazing group of new expansion pack add-ons to
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But you have to keep reading to find out how...

But first, a little more about the incredible new programs that are
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Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 1 - RESULTS BOOSTER

In this new four week program I have focused on taking the rapid
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Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 2 - TONING ACCELERATOR

This entirely new four week program has been designed to take
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Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 3 - JIGGLE ELIMINATOR

You guessed it, another extensive four week program. The Jiggle
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Bonus Expansion Pack 4 - WHOLE-BODY FAT MELTER

This is an exclusive bonus program, available ONLY to subscribers
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Very simple...

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Friday, August 8, 2008

How to drop 16 pounds before the closing ceremonies!

And they’re off!

The Olympics in Beijing are officially underway. And when most in this country are sitting lazily by the pool, or away on vacation enjoying barbecues and fatty foods, the best of the best, of the best are out there giving it their all an the worlds stage.

Many people tell me they’ll get started in September. After all, the summer is almost over, so why bother trying to get in shape now?

But what if you could lose up to 16 pounds or more by the closing ceremonies?

Your friends and co-workers will probably have gained a few pounds, and they’ll be even FURTHER away from their goals in September. Imagine how nice it will be to look even better, especially when the September weather is beautiful and you are out in your sleeveless tees and shorts.

But then the excuses start…

I hear excuses after excuses about why it’s too difficult to work out in the summer. How many of these have you used?

It’s too hot!

Actually, with the extra heat you will burn more calories, lose more weight, and melt off more fat.

I don’t have time!

There is one thing in this world that everyone has equally, and that’s time. Many of the busiest world leaders find time to work out every single day and they run entire countries. If it’s important, MAKE TIME! Besides, you have no excuses because the Go Sleeveless workouts take LESS THAN 40 minutes – and many people are even done in less than 20!! Everyone can squeeze out an extra 20 to 40 minutes a day, period.

My kids are home from school, I just can’t get leave them and go workout.

Workout at home! Many of my Go Sleeveless clients do their workout in the living room while their kids watch a movie. You don’t need any elaborate exercise equipment. Just a couple of little things that will slide under the couch when not in use. The great thing about working out when your kids are at home are that many children will even join in with their mom. What better way to set a healthy example when over half of our children are now heading towards obesity!

I don’t know what to do!

This is usually the only valid excuse, but with the detailed exercise descriptions, programs, and step-by-step instruction in Go Sleeveless, any 12 year old could do it. To make it even better, I’m offering a free email consultation with the program. That is a $150 value for free. No guesswork for you.

I don’t feel very good. When my health improves, I’ll start exercising.

As a nation, we are heading towards a medical crisis. People are living longer, but not healthier. Doctors everywhere are pleading with their patients to start exercising and eating right, and to take responsibility for their own health. Nobody wants to be at the mercy of the drug companies. If you are at all able, start exercising now, and watch your health start to improve on a weekly, if not daily basis.

So what are you waiting for?

Turn off the computer, and pick up those dumbbells! If you need some inspiration, turn on your local Olympic coverage and work out in front of the TV if you like.

You can make excuses all day for why you can’t, but if you really want toned and sexy arms, and you want to lose some serious weight while the rest of the country is ‘bulking up’ then make the choice now.

Helping you achieve sexy and tones arms,


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Part II of Not So Personal Trainers...

Okay, so it seems that (as I expected) I caused a bit of a stir
with my last past about 'not-so-personal-trainers'.

I have received a whole slough of questions from you on the subject,
and there are a lot of you who have had bad experienced with these

I got one email from a lady in Seattle who paid her trainer
$175/hr, and he did little more than show her how to use the
machines at her gym. The catch is, there is a free orientation at
this gym where a staff member will take you around and demonstrate
how to use these machines FOR FREE! This is a blatant rip off.

Yet another woman hired a trainer to come to her house for over
$200 an hour. She wanted to lose about 20lbs before her daughters
wedding and she needed results fast. The program this idiot (to
put it lightly) put her on was almost entirely stretching and
core-stability work. She lost about two pounds over the course of
6 weeks - utterly ridiculous!

For those of you are have just started reading my blog - go check
out the report I give away on my site -
CLICK HERE - when you confirm your free subscription
I will throw in a bonus report on the fallacies of core training
that you MUST READ! And for those of you who already have this
report, go back and read it again. This core-training garbage is
becoming epidemic it seems, and you need to read this information.

Anyway, I'm ranting...back to the subject at hand.

So how do you find a trainer who is worth the bill?

First off, education. You need to find someone that at the very
least has two years of university study under their belt - and
preferably have a four year degree in a field such as Kinesiology
or Human Physiology.

Second, ask for their certifications. Anyone certified by the NSCA
(national strength and conditioning association) is a good bet.
There are two things you should look for here, NSCA offers two different
certificates. NSCA-CPT and CSCS. NSCA-CPT is a
certified personal trainer - and CSCS is a certified strength and
conditioning specialist.

To make things easier for you, anyone who is a CSCS has to
have a degree in a related field to even get certified. So if you
find someone who is a CSCS, your work is done. They will have
completed at least 4 years in university studying human performance
and exercise, and they will have passed the most highly regarded
certification process in the WORLD.

If you look in any of the top reputable magazines or books on
fitness (Men's Health and Women's Health are two of the only ones
that I recommend) look at the article contributors. Nearly every one
will have the CSCS designation. There is proof positive that these
people should know what they're talking about.

There is another reputable source that I would
recommend, and that is CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise
Physiology) but it is not found outside of Canada, and there are
far less people certified by this organization so it would be
harder to find someone with this designation.

So there you have it! Now you have the information you need to
ensure that you find the kind of personal trainer who knows what they
are talking about.

Helping you achieve sexy and toned arms,


Friday, August 1, 2008

How to find a personal trainer

I must admit, I'm not well received by my 'peers' in my city. For that matter, personal trainers all over the US and Canada aren't much better.

I'm not sure if it's just the overwhelming ego that so many people in my industry seem to possess, or the fact that they feel threatened by my presence for the fear of me stealing their business; but I tell you, it's like walking on eggshells around these people. Quite honestly, I don't know how their clients even stand them. On many occasions I've been met with downright snobbery and rudeness.

The whole 'tough and macho' bit has never been a routine that I've endorsed or took part in, partly because it's just not in my nature, and more importantly, I want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease in my presence. The health and fitness realm is intimidating enough as it is without me barking orders and making my clients feel somehow inferior to me.
I so often see trainers prancing around with the attitude like "maybe one day - if you're lucky - you could look HALF as good as me!" Sorry guys, this just aint my shtick.

So how do you find a good personal trainer? And how do you know who to avoid?


(Thanks to my friend Cara for this term!)

Cereal box personal trainers are, I'm afraid, the norm in the entire industry. What I mean by this, is a personal training certificate that is so easy to get, it's like they got it off the back of a cereal box.

There are many, many, many personal training certifications out there. One of which is so incredibly easy to get, a fellow Kinesiologist had his dog certified just to prove this point. This is no joke. Somewhere out there, there is a golden retriever who is a certified personal trainer!

Most of these certifications require no post secondary education, no hands on training, and virtually no prior knowledge of health, the human body, or exercise science.

On average, to obtain a personal training certificate it requires little more than a couple weekend classes, and a brutally easy exam.

To illustrate this further, when I was fresh out of high school I obtained one of these certificates. And I did so without ever cracking open a text book, studying, or receiving guidance of any kind. I knew enough from reading fitness magazines (and you know how I feel about these crummy things) to pass with 98 percent. I even corrected the class instructor on some anatomy mistakes she made on a diagram.

This is not to brag folks, this is to let you know how bloody easy it is. I was by no means prodigy or fitness guru or anything like that. I just knew a little bit from reading garbage magazines and working out with my buddies.

Unfortunately, this is all it takes for you to call yourself a personal trainer in North America.

I won't name the types of certifications - and the trainers that they're attached to - that you should avoid (as I mentioned, I take enough heat from my peers as it is - and I guarantee this is going to upset many of them even further).

What I will do is let you know how to find a personal trainer that you can trust to get you in the best shape of your life, and do it safely, quickly and in a way that isn't torture.

So you'll have to check back here over the next couple days, and I'll let you in a little secret that will weed out 99% of the crappy trainers out there instantly, by asking ONE question.

Helping you achieve sexy and toned arms,