Friday, January 16, 2009

The truth about Alli

Don't even go here folks. Not one bit. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

You know how people who abuse laxatives are considered bulimic?

Yup, same idea here.

Alli is a pill you take with your meal that binds to fat rendering it incapable of proper digestion.

Here's the process: Take a burger...fat in burger binds to Alli...Alli and fat from burger ends up in toilet.

Eat all the fat you want, and your body won't absorb it. Great huh?

Not really.

Two big problems here.

Number one (well number two actually) is that this causes laxation. Well, to be fair, let me tell you exactly what the manufacturer states: “gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control.” Sounds like party to me.

The other is that it doesn't do a damn thing about the carbs, sugar, and all the other garbage you might be jamming down your throat.

And a third problem (I know I said two, but who's keeping track anyway) is that you NEED some of the fat you are eating. If you are eating healthy fats like olive oil and fish oils, you'd then be depriving yourself of some incredibly beneficial and healthy nutrients that actually help you BURN fat.

Okay, so I've got one more. Alli comes with a little manual that contains an eating plan and exercise guide. Guess what? It states for this pill to work, it must be combined with healthy diet and exercise plan.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! It's not the pill that is making you lose weight, it's the strict diet and exercise plan they include with it that MUST be followed in order to achieve the 'incredible' results.

You will not, I repeat, NOT get healthy and skinny from a bloody pill. Give up on the magic bullet, it does not exist.

Your body is NOT meant to be fat.

It's also not meant to sit around all day at a desk, and it's not meant to consume the types of things that are getting passed off as food these days.

Move more, eat less. It's a no brainer folks. Two simple steps and you will lose weight; while maintaining control over your sphincter I might add.


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Kim said...

Thanks for the info, I was kinda wondering about this new miracle drug.

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

No problem Kim,

Always happy to get the truth out. I hate scammers.