Friday, July 25, 2008

OHH So close!

Sorry folks, nobody got both the answers I was looking for but here are a few of my favorite answers. Congrats to these ladies for paying attention and sending some really great replies - I really enjoyed reading your guesses!

She didn't realize that sometimes workouts can't happen, but no need to postpone working out for a month. Come on. Even when you miss your scheduled time, there is always time an hour later or what. - Katie

Her workout isn't tailored to her body. It is a standard workout and it might not be what her body needs. - Shanna

Today is the day to start - not tomorrow - tomorrow never comes - Action needs to be taken today for its the only day that counts! Then the results will come. Having a plan and alternate plans and working it, will get you to your goals. - Diane

...she didn't stay on her food plan and didn't remain consistent with her exercise or diet. - Barbara

she has an all or nothing mentality (and) she didn't plan ahead. - Jeanette

She doesn't plan her meals, or if she does, a change in plans (like having to pick up her son) sends her into a tizzy and she gets pizza for dinner. She doesn't have a "plan b" for workouts if her schedule changes. - Angela

she makes one little mistake, her attitude is that she has failed miserably and thus not only falls off the wagon, she rolls on off the trail, through the field and into the next territory - Stefanie

Lots of you got one part of it right, but nobody was able to get both answers.

There were lots of really great answers, and it seems that many of you have been listening to my advice.

So on to the answers...

The two big reason's Sally's plan failed:

Mistake #1: Sally didn’t plan

She left everything up to willpower and a hope that she would do the right thing at the right time. But when she was confronted with a sudden schedule change, or a momentary lapse in willpower, she threw in the towel for the time being and told herself she would start fresh some other time.

Lesson #1: Life WILL get in the way.

Most people plan their workout schedule around a ‘best case scenario’, but think back to how many weeks you’ve had in the recent future when everything went as you planned. Probably not one. You must, I repeat, you MUST have a plan, and a backup plan. If you can’t get your workout in after work, then maybe you get up early the following day and go for an extra jog. If you miss Monday’s workout, do it on Saturday, if you know you get busy in the afternoon, workout in the morning. Make it a priority, and have a PLAN.

And the big one that nobody got...

Mistake #2: Her workout plan was only good for 6 weeks.

Sally got a program that was supposed to be 6 weeks long, and she ended up dragging it out over three months. She then wondered why her results sucked when she actually did it properly.

Lesson #2: Change your program, and change it often.

I've preached this time and time again, but so many people underestimate the need to constantly adapt and change your program. Never use and re-use the same workout program. When you start a new program your body is learning everything from scratch – you recruit muscles in ways they haven’t been used before, and it’s a complete shock to your system. This shock is what causes your body to change by losing body fat and building muscle. But when you don’t follow through, you are missing out on a tremendous window of opportunity where your body could see dramatic changes. Worse yet, when you pick away at the same program by getting in a workout here or there, your body is still learning and adapting even if the results aren’t showing. So when you finally do get around to doing that workout program the way it was intended, your muscle memory is there and already knows what to do so the results are dismal.

I see this so very often with people who stop working out in the summer, then pick up their old workout routine in the fall. Even though it’s been quite some time since they did that workout, their results will never be close to what they could have been over the first 6 weeks they started that program.

If you’ve been using the same workout program for longer than 6 weeks, EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN CONSISTENT…it’s time to change it.

And for bonus points...

Sally was using a program from a magazine.

I was really quite impressed with the number of people who mentioned this one to me. Good work!

How can a program really work for you if it was designed for everyone and their dog? It can't.

However, this isn't the REAL problem.

The real problem is that all of the major fitness magazines are OWNED BY BIG SUPPLEMENT COMPANIES!!! They just throw random workouts into their magazines, then promote their recommended diet that, of course, must have such-and-such supplement to see the best results.

I'll talk more about this in a later post, but for now, leave the fitness magazines on the shelf. If you want the real answers to your fitness questions...yours truly is only an email away.

Yours in health,