Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Quiz For You...

Q: Rylan, what’s the biggest mistake you see people making with their fitness programs?

To answer this question, I’m going to present you with a scenario. There are TWO major things that Sally does wrong here. To test your knowledge of fitness, and to see how closely you’ve been following my instructions, send me an email me with your answer. The first person to email me with the correct answers for both of Sally’s mistakes will get a nice little prize!!

Here’s a prime example of a scenario I see waaay too often:

Sally picks up a fitness magazine that contains the latest workout routine that guarantees to give her a bikini body in 6 weeks. She’s going on holidays in less than two months, and she’s got about 10 pounds to lose so this gives her just enough time.

Sally starts her new program on Monday, and has a great week. She manages to fit in all her scheduled workouts and sticks a healthy diet plan, but then next week rolls around. She forgets to pack her gym shoes, misses her workout, and gets off to a bad start.

“Ah screw it” she thinks. “This week is too busy, since I already messed up this week, I’ll start fresh on Monday.”

Next week rolls around and she get four workouts in, but then Friday some people from the office want to go and grab a drink after work. She caves in - “I deserve a drink, I’ve worked hard all week” - so she skips her workout and has a couple drinks followed by a few wings and some garlic bread.

On Saturday she’s so disappointed with herself for ruining an almost perfect week of her new program, that she vows that she will be 100% next week.

Monday through Wednesday she does great and gets her workouts in and all is well. She then gets a call from her husband on Thursday afternoon that she needs to pick up little Timmy from soccer practice because he’s going to be stuck doing overtime tonight.

So Thursday’s workout is scrapped, and since everyone is so pressed for time, she picks up pizza for dinner because she’s too exhausted to cook.

Friday afternoon she’s still pretty tired, and just wants to go home at the end of the day, so Friday’s workout is a no-go as well.

On the weekend she comes to the realization that there’s no chance in hell she’s going to look good in a bikini before her holidays, so she gives up because it’s just not worth the stress and guilt of trying to workout and then not. So she decides when she comes back from her holidays, she’ll start the workout plan again, and this time she won’t have the stress of preparing for holidays so it will be much easier.

What then happens is Sally gets home from her holidays, and since it’s the third week of the month, puts the program off again until the beginning of the next month because she’s going to be really busy with catch up at work.

She finally gets around to doing the full program, and although she’s not 100%, she’s pretty close, but her results are dismal and she can’t understand why. She only lost a few pounds, and when she looks in the mirror she can’t see any difference in her body.

Why hasn’t Sally got the results she wanted? What two critical mistakes did she make that kept her from reaching her goal?

Send me your answers to and check back here in a couple days for the answer.

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