Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do they make Spanx for arms?

I found out about Spanx one day when I was watching Oprah with my wife.

The 'footless pantyhose' is basically just a control-top pantyhose that squeezes all your fat, sucks everything in, and is designed to smooth out problem areas such as muffin top, thunder thighs, and love handles.

While I think this is a fantastic product for women who desperately want to look better instantly, of course, they don't actually solve the problem.

Worse yet, they don't make Spanx for your arms.

Even if they did, I doubt you would want to wear something like this that would be so visible to the world; you would be forced to get the long sleeves out again to cover up the problem.

So what do you do if you want to look better instantly?

Well, unfortunately nothing exists that will make you look better instantly, HOWEVER, the Go Sleeveless program has been shown to give results in as little as just one week!

So while you might not solve your problem overnight, in less than 7 days you can visibly reduce sagging and flabby arms, and in 6 weeks you can see incredible results.

Wouldn't you like the results of control top pantyhose for your arms, but without the pantyhose?

If you do, go get your copy of Go Sleeveless now, and get started today. In less than 7 days you could be well on your way to tightening and firming your problem arms.