Monday, November 3, 2008

Can you eat halloween candy and still get rid of flabby arms?

Hope you had a great Halloween. I actually spent the entire weekend
at a conference for Kinesiologists in Vancouver, BC.

But that didn't stop me from carving a pumpkin!

(In the photo from left to right, that is my brother's, my wife's, and mine on the far right.)

Anyway, as usual, the conference was filled with great speakers and I learned a lot.

I got to meet with some top experts in the field of human performance
and conditioning, and spoke personally with the trainer of celebrities
Jessica Alba, and Hugh Jackman. I also met with Roger Takahashi, the
strength and conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks.

Additionally, I attended a presentation from one of my old professors who is now
heading some fascinating research into genetics and what is called
'gene doping' for the 2010 winter Olympics here in Vancouver.

I learned something very interesting from Dr. Rupert, and it might
surprise a lot of you to know that there really isn't a 'fat gene'. So those
of you who have been blaming genetics on your physique, sorry, that
excuse no longer works!

Anyway, I will be posting some great tips that I took away from this
weekend sometime soon, but today I wanted to address something
that is probably more important at the moment.

And that is...

What do you do with all that Halloween candy?

Now I'm not going to be a Drill Sargent and say that you can't have
any of it, (but good for you if you have been able to resist!),
however, there is definitely something you should NOT do.

If you have Halloween candy lying around, you might be thinking,
'it's okay just to have a little bit here and there, as long as I
don't pig out', right?

No, no, no!

Do NOT do this.

I'm also not advocating binging and eating as much as you can all
at once and making your self sick either.

What I do recommend is allow yourself two days to have a moderate
amount of candy, then throw it out, or give it away.

The problem with having a little bit each day is that it puts your
body into a constant state of "fat storage mode", making it impossible for you
to lose any weight, even if your calories are kept very low.

The reason for this is a little hormone called insulin. When you eat
anything that contains sugar or starch, your body releases insulin to
gobble it up. The problem is, insulin can be a dirty little bugger
when it comes to fat loss because it likes to store body fat.

The more insulin you have rushing through your system, the more body
fat you are likley to store. Also, if you have insulin flowing through
your system all day (like when you take a piece of candy here and there
throughout the day) you are in a constant state of fat storage mode,
and there is no hope for you to lose any weight at all.

So even if you are watching the rest of your diet, fat loss is futile
if you are constantly eating sugar (even if it's just a little bit).

You had your fun, you've enjoyed a few pieces of candy, and now
it's time to toss it, give it away, or burn it. I don't care how you
get rid of it, but it ends today.

Get back on track, and get the fat falling off again!

Helping you achieve toned and sexy arms,