Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exercises to tone and sculpt your arms...

Sorry about the delay getting these videos up friends, it's a lot more work than you might think ;-)

Anyway, as this exercise is the one I received the most questions about, here is a demonstration video to show you exactly how it's done.

Performed correctly, the Bench Dip is one of the best arm sculpting exercises imaginable, and you should always strive to perform the 'advanced' version demonstrated in this short clip. Of course, you don't need to start with that, but I want you to push yourself so you can do the straight leg version as it will have a much great impact on toning your arms.

Check the video out below, or see it on youtube by clicking here for bench dips for sculpted arms.


Amber Lee said...

I've been doing an exercise similar to this at home. I do it on the floor since I have no weight bench. I start in somewhat of a crab crawl position, with my hands pointed in towards my body. I also raise one of my legs for on set, then the other leg for another set.

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

Amber, that's a good exercise if you don't have a bench, but it's still not as effective for sculpting your arms as a bench dip.

The reason is this; you don't actually flex the elbow through a long enough range of motion, and therefore many of the muscle fibers get 'missed' so to speak.

Just use a chair if you don't have a bench.

If you combine the crab walk with this exercise, that's even better!

Thanks for the comment.

Ashley said...

Hi Rylan,
Do you have a recommendation for how many times repetitions/sets should be done in order to see some results? Thanks! I look forward to trying this exercise!

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

You bet, just turn to the Strength Training section in your Go Sleeveless program manual.

It lays out exactly how many reps, how many sets, and how many days a week you need to do to get results.

Remember, just this exercise alone is not enough to transform your arms, but it's a great one to start.

However, combined with all of the other arm toning and body sculpting exercises in Go Sleeveless, the results you will get will be very dramatic.


jyoti said...

Hi Rylan...I'm 23 yrs old and 5'3" in height....I used to weigh around 79 Kgs...I've lost 13Kgs in the past ten months by going for a normal walk and controlling my diet...I weigh 66 Kgs now....the problem is that now I have really loose and flabby arms and (as it is my arms are fatter than most people) I don't know whether I should continue with my regular weight loss routine till i reach my ideal weight or should I start with toning exercises and what sort of toning exercises should I be doing at this point....also if you could suggest some exercises for love handles and for a loose stomach and thighs too.... thanks..

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...


First of all, what you are experiencing is a really common problem. The good new is, it is correctable by adopting a new fat loss routine that couple serious strength training and targeted sculpting exercises for your arms. This is exactly what the Go Sleeveless program does. Head over to my new blog at and read some of the new posts because they should answer your questions. And when you are ready, be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the go sleeveless program at I would recommend you opt for the Elite package as it has a whole slough of extra programs that will help you eradicate this program for good.

Coach Rylan