Thursday, October 30, 2008

More of your questions about flabby arms answered

Ok folks, here's the rest of the questions and answers...

Q: I have always been overweight- since childhood. My arms have been big as well. I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and have about 40 lbs to go. My arms however don’t seem to budge. My forearms are very tones and I can see the muscles as they work. But my upper arms have decreased only a bit in size and now show big arms with saggy skin. I know the saggy skin is another issue all together. What can I do to get my upper arms to catch up to the rest of me?

Donna M. Hunter

Donna, first off, forearms in most people store very little fat, so that explains why you see muscle definition there, but not in other places. The upper arms are a different story, they are particularly stubborn with traditional weight loss programs. It can be disheartening to see your upper arms start to sag as you lose weight, it might feel that the problem is getting worse before it is getting better. In many cases this is where many women will simply give up and think that it’s hopeless.

However, as I have seen time and time again, if you start using exercises that are designed to tone and developing the upper arms, while at the same time causing a massive shift in your metabolism and forcing your ENTIRE body to start melting fat, your problem will go away.
Because there is no way to lose fat just from one select spot on your body (known as spot reducing) you have to make your body burn fat everywhere. At first, it may seem that you are losing fat from everywhere on your body except your arms, but if you continue past that point, all of a sudden your arms will start reducing as well. Don’t give up! if you keep losing fat and continue to focus on toning your arms, you will see great results. Just make sure you are using an appropriate program.

Q: Hi, How do I know your program really works and I am not wasting more $$ on fitness products? Thank you. Donna Blackmon

Donna, this is probably going through everyone’s mind right now. In Canada alone, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars (probably millions) spent annually on crappy equipment, machinery, gadgets, powders, lotions, pills, and gizmos, and most of them don’t work worth a damn, so what makes me so sure that mine works?

First, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. On my website I have posted first-hand testimonials from my clients about how the program has worked for them. These are unaltered, and in their own words. I can’t fake this stuff. Check out the before and after for proof if you don’t believe me.

Second, I offer my personal guarantee that the program will work. If it doesn’t, you keep the program, AND you get your money back. This is a HUGE risk for me. After all, what’s stopping someone from buying the program, and immediately requesting a refund, while keeping the program for free? Nothing. I just hope that people are more honest than this and actually follow the program. I know it works, I have seen how it works, and I know that it will work for you too. If it didn’t, I couldn’t possible offer a guarantee like this, I would be bankrupt in less than a month.

Third, just google “Go Sleeveless Truth”, or “Go Sleeveless scam”. If this program didn’t work, the internet would be flooded with negative reviews from people it didn’t work for. Last time I checked, I couldn’t find one bad review (however I did find quite a few positive ones).

Q: I like books. My husband doesn't like me to download off this computer. Could you have a few copies made into books for us "old schoolers". Since my computer rejected your address in your blog as unfriendly, I am doubtful of ordering from you. I was very excited to see all your info, but I wanted a book. Now that I can't get your free info, I will just have to survive on your emails. Linda Limpert

Linda, I knew there would be at least one ‘technical’ question asked, and thanks for asking it, I often struggle with this end of things myself. Yes, some people will have problems accessing my links from emails. Unfortunately, this is something that is unavoidable due to the vast difference is people’s computers, operating systems, browsers etc. If you can’t access my links, try typing the link into your browser address bar or cutting and pasting it.
If that doesn’t work, just email me. Myself or one of my assistants will gladly help you out with a working link or address so you can get the information.

As for a hard copy book, one of the reasons I don’t currently offer a hard-copy book is to keep costst down. Since you just download the program you don’t have to pay for shipping or printing. Secondly, Clickbank, the shopping cart website Go Sleeveless uses, does not allow me to ship hard-copy goods, only ebooks.

However, I am always more than happy to have a hard copy printed and shipped to you by special request (for an extra charge of course). For more details, please email me at

Q: How do I know your program is any different from the many appeals and emails I get from other offers on a daily basis? We are bombarded by emails every day trying to sell me a book, a pill,or a program that may or may not work. What makes you different? Lynn Reid

Hi Lynn, I think I just answered the same question from Donna, please see a couple questions above.

Q: My question is this: I have gained more than 125 pounds (second time). I am beginning a life style change (not a diet) to include eating healthy and exercising. I did this seven years ago and lost all this 125 pounds and aim to do so again this time keeping it off permanently. My arms have always made me self conscious as I have the 'bat wings'. With your program, can I have buff arms--will the loose excess skin disappear? Anxious to hear your answer. Bobbie Wagner

Bobbie, yes indeed you can. Again, please read a few questions back to get some more details. There is no reason that you will get stuck with excess skin if you follow the program I have created. Yes, this can happen with other weight loss programs, but I have been able to develop a program that eliminates the worry about this problem. The skin will rebound back to it’s normally size, fitting tightly around your nice toned arms. Please be sure to note that proper nutrition and adequate hydration is essential for this to happen.

Q: Good Afternoon Rylan, My question for you is about the hypnosis you mentioned a few posts back. I have been overweight my whole life, not obese but a BMI of 28 or over. What you said made sense to me about being overweight and thinking of myself as overweight. I can start a weight loss program with exercise but have not been able to follow thru to the healthy living (continuing on the program or maintenance) part. I would like to know how to pick a self-hypnosis and subliminal messages program for weight loss and maintenance and where do I find them? Thank you for your help and I enjoy reading your posts! Michelle

Thanks for the kind words Michelle, its nice to know that people are enjoying my work. With regard to self-hypnosis and subliminal messages, there is a lot of CRAP out there. I know this, because when I was going through the same struggle as you are now, I bought and used so many of these products with little or know results. Almost everything out there is a ‘canned’ program that is very general or suited to everyone. And when I see something that is suited to everyone, that usually means suited to no one. I finally decided to learn and study these areas myself, and eventually became skilled in producing my own audio hypnosis and subliminal messages program for my own use.

But I am happy to announce there will be no need for you to spend hundreds of hours studying and researching as I did. I just recently completed two audio program specifically for the Go Sleeveless program that are for women looking to transform their entire bodies easily and effortlessly, and of course, with very specific focus on the arms. Keep checking the website and my blog, because they will be launching in the very near future.

Also, if you are looking for something very custom, I will be offering (for a very limited number of clients) custom audio programs that will help you achieve any goals that you want. Normally this would cost you thousands, but not in this case - so again, keep checking back here.

And straggler that came in the day after the deadline, but a great question nonetheless...

Good morning Rylan, I can't believe you only received 9 responses for a question. My question is, if you do lose weight without toning the muscles and now have gross sagging underarm skin, is there any hope of being able to wear sleeveless tops ever again?? Marion Robertson, Nanaimo

Great question Marion, and nice to hear from a fellow western Canadian. The short answer is yes, there is hope. However, it will be necessary to start working on the muscles in the arms right away. By toning and defining the muscle you will start to tighten and firm the tissue in the upper arm, and the skin will begin to rebound back to it's original state. There will still likely be some left over fatty tissue there as well, so still focusing on losing body fat while you tone the arms will be of benefit as well. It is rare that there is only 'lose skin' left over. As soon as you begin to develop and tone the underlying muscles, and lose the last little bit of excess fatty tissue, going sleeveless is a sure thing.

Okay folks, that's enough for today.

I'm now off to a conference in Vancouver for the next few days to meet with some other health and fitness professionals. I'm sure I will come back with even more great knowlege that will allow me to help you in your quest to acheive toned and sexy arms.