Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Q: How many reps do I do of the exercise you sent me for flab under the arms. I saw your video, you look awesome!!! Lucy

Lucy is referring to the exercise video of the "Exercises For Flabby Arms - Plank" that I demonstrated a post or two back.

A: Hi Lucy,

Thanks for the compliment.

For most people, I would recommend starting with a 15 second hold on all fours, then do 6 second holds for each limb (when you lift one limb off the ground) and then go back to another 15 second hold on all fours.

I sometimes use this exercise as test of an athlete's cores strength and endurance, in which case they need to be able to hold on all fours for two minutes, then 30 seconds on each limb, then 1 minute on all fours again. That’s what I encourage people to work up to because, if you can do it, it shows that you have incredible core strength and endurance.

Of course, start with what you can at first, and slowly build yourself up by a few seconds at a time. You will need to perform this exercise at least twice a week to make improvements, and I recommend doing two sets each time you do it (taking a 2 minute break in between your sets).

Hope that helps,