Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Part II of Not So Personal Trainers...

Okay, so it seems that (as I expected) I caused a bit of a stir
with my last past about 'not-so-personal-trainers'.

I have received a whole slough of questions from you on the subject,
and there are a lot of you who have had bad experienced with these

I got one email from a lady in Seattle who paid her trainer
$175/hr, and he did little more than show her how to use the
machines at her gym. The catch is, there is a free orientation at
this gym where a staff member will take you around and demonstrate
how to use these machines FOR FREE! This is a blatant rip off.

Yet another woman hired a trainer to come to her house for over
$200 an hour. She wanted to lose about 20lbs before her daughters
wedding and she needed results fast. The program this idiot (to
put it lightly) put her on was almost entirely stretching and
core-stability work. She lost about two pounds over the course of
6 weeks - utterly ridiculous!

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Anyway, I'm ranting...back to the subject at hand.

So how do you find a trainer who is worth the bill?

First off, education. You need to find someone that at the very
least has two years of university study under their belt - and
preferably have a four year degree in a field such as Kinesiology
or Human Physiology.

Second, ask for their certifications. Anyone certified by the NSCA
(national strength and conditioning association) is a good bet.
There are two things you should look for here, NSCA offers two different
certificates. NSCA-CPT and CSCS. NSCA-CPT is a
certified personal trainer - and CSCS is a certified strength and
conditioning specialist.

To make things easier for you, anyone who is a CSCS has to
have a degree in a related field to even get certified. So if you
find someone who is a CSCS, your work is done. They will have
completed at least 4 years in university studying human performance
and exercise, and they will have passed the most highly regarded
certification process in the WORLD.

If you look in any of the top reputable magazines or books on
fitness (Men's Health and Women's Health are two of the only ones
that I recommend) look at the article contributors. Nearly every one
will have the CSCS designation. There is proof positive that these
people should know what they're talking about.

There is another reputable source that I would
recommend, and that is CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise
Physiology) but it is not found outside of Canada, and there are
far less people certified by this organization so it would be
harder to find someone with this designation.

So there you have it! Now you have the information you need to
ensure that you find the kind of personal trainer who knows what they
are talking about.

Helping you achieve sexy and toned arms,