Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Very Important News!!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Since the
release of Go Sleeveless I have been secretly working on a NEW PROJECT!

You have to read all of this post to get the details, and I promise
you, it is very, VERY, VERY worth your time!

As you may recall, in a recent blog post I wrote about how
important it is to constantly change and adapt your program. As a
result, I got a swarm of emails from clients asking me what they
should do when they complete the 6 week (or optional 12 week)
program included with Go Sleeveless.

Well, here is the answer!

I have developed an amazing group of new expansion pack add-ons to
the Go Sleeveless programs. Even better yet, I'm going to tell you
how you can get them for a DOLLAR! No bull. A single dollar

But you have to keep reading to find out how...

But first, a little more about the incredible new programs that are
coming your way...

Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 1 - RESULTS BOOSTER

In this new four week program I have focused on taking the rapid
results from the original Go Sleeveless program, and boosting them
even further. With this program, you will get the benefits of
further fat loss and muscle toning, and even greater reduction in
arm jiggle.

Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 2 - TONING ACCELERATOR

This entirely new four week program has been designed to take
muscle toning to a new level. This program will help you tone and
define your entire body from head to toe, with - of course -
particular emphasis on tightening up those arms even more.

Go Sleeveless Expansion Pack 3 - JIGGLE ELIMINATOR

You guessed it, another extensive four week program. The Jiggle
Eliminator has been created to put the finishing touches on any
last problem areas and jiggle spots on your body. Use this program
and watch your body firm-up like no lotion or pill can.

Bonus Expansion Pack 4 - WHOLE-BODY FAT MELTER

This is an exclusive bonus program, available ONLY to subscribers
to the Go Sleeveless newsletter. As my thank you for all your hard
work, and time spent reading my newsletters, I am going to throw in
this incredible program with the other 3 expansion packs.

This program is an advanced fat loss program designed to utterly
melt and blowtorch body fat off every inch of your body. Not only
does this program promise to put the finishing touches on flabby
and jiggly arms, your whole body will benefit from the rapid
results this incredible bonus program offers.

With all these incredible expansion packs and your original
Go Sleeveless program, this totals over 5
months of workout programs, at an over $458 value.

So now you must be wondering, "How do I get all these new programs
for a dollar?"

Very simple...

=> if you have already purchased Go Sleeveless

If you have already purchased Go Sleeveless, and you want these
incredible new programs for a dollar, simply email me at the
private email address you were given when you purchased your
program, and I will give you the details personally.

=> if you haven't purchased Go Sleeveless yet

If you haven't purchased Go Sleeveless yet, all you have to do is


When you go to the purchase page, it will be
listed at $68 instead of $67 and you will receive
the bonus expansion packages automatically!

(IMPORTANT: I will be making no
mention of this exclusive bonus on my website - this is for
registered subscribers to my newsletter only).


When I release these bonuses with the Go Sleeveless program in a
few weeks, I will be increasing the price. This is your only
opportunity to get these programs for a dollar! No gimmicks, no
bull, just my thank your for your patronage, and over $396 of
incredible programs for a DOLLAR!

These new expansion packs are scheduled to release to the public on
September 1st, and you will receive yours one day in advance.

But DO NOT DELAY until then, this offer is only going to be
available to you for the next few days, and then when they are released
on September 1st, they will not be available separately - only bundled
with the Go Sleeveless program, and the price of the package is going
to go up.

Head over to Go Sleevleess and get your copy of
the original program and ALL FOUR incredible expansion packs now, for the
cheapest they will ever be!

Helping you achieve sexy and toned arms,