Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot found!

Ever since I was a young boy I've been fascinated by Bigfoot or
"Sasquatch" as it's more commonly known where I'm from. I live in
an area of Canada where Sasquatch sightings have been very frequent,
and we even have a brand of beer that has a trademark Sasquatch
mascot in it's TV commercials.

My grandpa used to keep me and my younger brother awake at night
with stories of the hunting trips he used to take when he was a
young cowboy - hunting trips where he would come across signs of
Bigfoot tracks, hair left on barbwire fences, trees knocked over etc.

Of course, when I grew older I kind of figured these were nothing but
stories, but he always remained adamant that they were the truth - which
he then followed up with a pat on my back and him breaking into his
infectious laugh.

After my grandpas funeral, my dad bestowed upon me an envelope of
"Sasquatch hair" that grandpa kept with him in the corn truck on the
farm. Of course, I now know that he would collect hair from the barbed
wire fences (the bears would pass through the fence to get into the corn
fields and their hair would get caught on barbs) to add further
creditability to his Sasquatch tales.

As goofy as all of this sounds, those are some of my fondest memories
of my grandpa. And to this day when I'm camping in the backwoods,
I must admit, I'm much more terrified of being snatched up by a
Sasquatch than running into a bear or cougar - or anything else
a little more "realistic".

Even now as I write this, that envelope of "Bryan Duggan's original
Sasquatch hair" sits in my office in a drawer next to me and reminds
me of how important it is to let your imagination run wild every once
and awhile. It's that uninhibited imagination that so many people
lose as they grow older - but would help to keep you looking and
feeling years younger.

Anyway, there is press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00pst
where these men who have captured Bigfoot will be supposedly by
providing photographic and DNA evidence of their capture, and hopefully
proof of the existence of Sasquatch.

Hoax or not, I know Grandpa Bryan will be watching over this event
and grinning from ear to ear.

So what does this have to do with fitness, again you ask?

Well, I guess nothing really, I'm just really excited and I wanted
to share my enthusiasm with you.

I will tell you this, if Bigfoot is proven to be real tomorrow at
this press conference, I will be sending one of my subscribers a nice
little gift.

If you want in, all you have to do is send me and email and let me know if you
think Bigfoot is real or a hoax.

Hope to hear from you soon!