Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What do you know about exercises for flabby arms Rylan?

"What would you know about exercises for flabby arms Rylan? You're a man, and you're a personal trainer, you don't know what it feels like to be out of shape. Walk a mile in my shoes and then you'll know how hard it is!"

This was the response I received to one of my recent emails talking about exercises for flabby arms.

Not exactly the type of response one hopes for when they're trying to help people out is it?

But it is a valid point. How can I help you if I've never experienced what it feels like to have your problem?

So you want to know the truth about me? It might shock you.

Ok, so here it goes....

The majority of my life I've been fat. I steadily gained weight all through elementary school, and when I hit high school it got worse, much much worse.

As hard as it is for anyone to be overweight, trying going through high-school as a fat kid. People can be cruel, but kids are the cruelest of the bunch, and it was not fun.

Desperatley trying to avoid the older kids who would push you down the hall and call you "fat ass", never having a date, not going to any school dances because you know nobody would dance with you, covering up your entire body in baggy and oversized clothes because you think it will hide how fat your are, getting to gym class early to change so nobody would see your body, not showering with the rest of the guys because of how embarrased you are. It was hell, and I would never go back for all the money in the world.

So why didn't I do something about it?

Boy did I try..

Diets didn't work. When I tried dieting I was always hungry. When I wasn't dieting I ate the same things as the other people and I gained weight while they stayed lean and in great shape.

Besides, if I brought things to school to eat that were 'diet foods' god help me - it makes me cringe remembering the harassment I got there.

Exercise didn't seem to do it either.

I joined the rugby team and basketball team and baseball team (I was accepted only because they had a policy that no kids would be turned away).

I also got a gym membership at 15 and would spend an hour there after a two-hour gueling basketball or rugby practice.

I showed a little improvement from the exercise, but it was impossible for me to sustain three hours of high-intensity workouts with all the studying and school work AND while working on our family farm.

That's right, I worked on a farm. If that isn't exercise, I don't know what is.

No good. Still fat.

So when did it all change? And more importantly, WHAT changed it?

I went to my high school graduation alone.

After our ceremony, we were announced as couples as we walked into the hall where our dinner was being held.

When I heard just my name called (I had no date remember), it was beyond embarrasing to walk to my seat alone.

I had enough.

Once school was out I immersed myself in learning everything I possibly could to do with exercise and nutrition. I was determined to end this cycle of misery. I started working out with a passion, and I totally changed my eating habits.

One thing I got really into was self-hypnosis and subliminal audio programs.

I started visualizing myself with the body I wanted, and I started to re-program how I viewed myself and my body.

In a matter of just three months, my body had transformed. and I mean TRANS-FORMED. People who I had graduated with couldn't even recognize me when I came up to them, my family was shocked, and all of a sudden I started getting attention. GOOD attention this time!

But why didn't this all work before? Remember I had tried dieting and working out before and I didn't get anywhere?

The difference was, I no longer saw myself as a "Fat Person". I successfully re-programmed myself to be lean and muscular, and it was literally effortless after that.

That doesn't mean that I didn't have to workout and eat right, it means that working out and eating right was no longer difficult. I enjoyed it, in fact I LOVED it.

In summary

  • I started as "fat person" with a "fat person" mind.
  • I decided to change my mind, and I became a "fat person" with a "skinny-person" mind.
  • I then quicky, VERY quickly, became a "skinny person" with a "skinny person" mind.

Where ever you mind goes, your body will follow. It's as simple as that. I am living breathing proof. I suffered through years of torment and anguish until I found the missing key to lasting success.

Helping you acheive toned and sexy arms,



Anna1956 said...

Rylan - THANK YOU for sharing your story. It shows you do know where I am starting from. Congratulations on taking control and learning before age 52 - will make it harder from here - can be done.