Friday, October 3, 2008

Rylan's Recommended Fitness Tools

Every once and awhile a product comes along that I just have to let you know about, and these headphones are one of em!

I have always hated the way that in-ear headphones tended to fall out of my ears when I was jogging, and the way they started to hurt after a while. For me, music when I workout is a necessity, I just can't get a good workout in without my own tunes, but my headphones were always causing me grief.

Then I found these things. They fit so comfortably that I could wear them for hours on end with no discomfort. They also come with multiple ear pieces to fit all different types of ear sizes, and they block out outside noise (making them great for in flights or car-rides when you want a little peace and quiet - or for blocking out annoying gym music) and the sound quality is amazing. At $63 these things are worth three times that in my opinion.

I also like listen to audio books and relaxation audio programs when I sleep, and I have been able to sleep with these headphones in all night with no discomfort whatsoever, and they stay in perfectly.

If you like to listen to music while you work out, or if you just want a great set of headphones, click the link above to pick up a set of these now!