Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Aussie's Secret To Fat Loss Success

I recently had the great opportunity to interview Australia's leading fat loss expert, Daniel Munday, and I put YOUR questions to him. I was impressed with his Aussie Fat Blast system
already, but now I am a TRUE believer in his system. Check it out....

Q: So Dan, the question all my clients want to know is, will this work
for me? How can I reassure them that their money is well spent on your
program? I mean, I know that it works because I am a trained professional - it is
my job to know what works and what doesn’t, but what can you tell me
that will convince my readers that this isn’t just another scam or hyped up
program that doesn’t deliver results?

A: I know what you mean mate. I've seen so much rubbish out there that
people can?t help but be skeptical ESPECIALLY when I'm saying some
things that are so far out of left field for some people. My answer to
those who may be a little skeptical is good. You should be. That way I
know you're seriously thinking about what I say rather than just
glossing over it and nod your head.

But here's why it's not a scam. I knew that I had to be a guinea pig
myself to show people what can happen. My own transformation came
after I got home from an overseas holiday in June carrying a few extra
kilos and knew I needed to be the example for everyone. I followed
everything that was in the Secret Guide to Smart Eating.

I followed the workout routines in the Success Manual and I even
enjoyed no more than 4 cheat meals each week. Look at the home page
before and after photos and you can see the difference from 2 hours of
exercise a week. I couldn't fake that otherwise my reputation would be
ruined. I don't want that.

Low intensity, boring aerobic sessions just doesn't cut it anymore. I
needed results in less time and I've proven, along with those success
stories from my clients that it can happen to you too.

Q: Ok, sounds great, but my clients are women, and they have their own
special needs. You and I both know that women have more trouble
losing body fat than men, how does the Aussie Fat Blast address women’s issues
(metabolism, genetics, etc) specifically?

A: I think that women traditionally have more problems because they
believe a lot of the rubbish that society tells them about nutrition.
Women especially need to stop listening to nutritionists with out of
date qualifications that preach the benefits of low fat diets. Low fat
foods are just full of artificial sweeteners and too much sugar that
just makes you fatter and hungrier so you eat more. So that's the
first big thing.

With regards to metabolism, the way the Aussie Fatblast workouts are
structured is to literally put a blowtorch to your metabolism by
choosing exercises that use multiple muscles at once and not focusing
on exercises that do nothing to promote fat loss like crunches.

In my women only Little Black Dress Workout I also discuss the number
one secret that women need to know to eliminate cellulite.

Q: Ok, let’s talk about time. The Aussie Fat Blast contains some
workouts that are as short as 10 minutes. Now, everyone is busy and
wants more time to spend with their family and doing things that really want to do, but 10 minutes? Can you really get a good workout done in 10 minutes?

A: Yeah I used to think that too! I'm a busy person, like you and like
your readers and clients are so I knew that I always couldn't get my
traditional workouts in, sometimes even the 20 minutes workouts.

It just comes down to making sure your exercises are multi-joint
movements that will get your heart rate up ? so like Swings, T Push
Ups and a Hover to Push Up. Do those 3 for a minute each and repeat x
2 and you will be smashed!

If you chose something like crunches, leg extensions and chest press
machine then you are right. It is not enough time. I fact, you've just
wasted 6 minutes!

Q: Excellent stuff! Now, my readers know that I live up in Canada (we’re
just about into winter here) and we can hide behind warm baggy clothes
for six months out of the year and we tend to 'forget’ about our bodies during
this time. But you’re from Sydney, Australia where it is beach season
all year long right? You folks don’t have the luxury of covering up and taking
a break from it all. Can you tell me two secrets that you have that
allow you to stay in great shape ALL year long? Because I know I sometimes
struggle with keeping lean when those cold winter months hit here.

A: We think we get a cold winter but compared to you guys we
definitely get off easy! But you're right. It is easy to go into a
winter hibernation. People even do it here.

My first big secret is to do what basically everyone else doesn't
recommend you do. That is to make sure you reduce, or eliminate if
possible, the wheat and gluten in your diet. That means basically
everything that is processed. That way you are not ingesting any extra
nasties that are just causing you to put on weight. In fact, if you
get off wheat and gluten for only a day or two, your belly will
instantly shrink and you won't be bloated anymore!

Secondly, the other secret is to use my Pulse Intervals training tips.
So instead of pounding the pavement or treadmill like most people do I
actually encourage people to STOP jogging. That will just encourage your fat to
stick around and ruin your joints.

By following the Pulse Intervals method of training you are using high
intensity sprints followed by low intensity recovery. This can be done
indoors or outdoors with any equipment except a cross trainer. They
are no good when it comes to fat loss. So that's a bonus tip for you
right there!

Q: Thanks Dan, this is great info. I just have to tell you again how
impressed I was with your Aussie Fat Blast program, and now I’m sure
my clients can see why. Why don’t you take a sec and tell me about the great
promotion you are offering for the rest of this week.

A: Thanks mate, I really appreciate the kind words. I have had some
great response from people about this which really excites me. I
really feel that this can finally give people the body that they
deserve and actually make a difference out there.

I'm actually offering 2 special incentives to get people to take
action today. First of all, the special launch price investment is
only $29.77 USD which is a steal for what you get. On Saturday, this
goes up to $39.77 USD so you can save $10 to start with.

You will get your hands on all of the following:
* Aussie Fatblast Success Manual - the main exercise manual
* Secret Guide to Smart Eating - nutrition guidelines
* Pulse Intervals - interval cardio section
* 13.5 Recipes in 13.5 mins or less
* Optimise Blowtorch bonus workouts
* Little Black Dress program to get the girls into their LBD for that
special function
* Can the Man Cans program for the fellas to get rid of man boobs
* Beginners Body Weight Blitz Manual for the first timer
* Chris Widener MP3 of the Best Test ? an awesome resource for serious
* Workout Muse Tabata MP3 and Post Workout recovery stretching manual
from my mate BJ Gaddour
* The Maniac Unleashed MP3 audio interview with Tommy Pavia - The
Maniac Mental Skills Coach which is essential listening for anyone
looking to get to the top with the right mindset.

There are also 5 time sensitive bonuses that you can get your hands
on. AND I promise these will be taken down on Saturday so if you
snooze you loose!
FAST ACTION BONUS # 1: Your PERSONAL Food Diary Review (a value of $50) -
Simply print out the food diary that comes with the Secret Guide to
Smart Eating which starts on page 41. Fill it out with everything you
eat and drink for 7 days and then email it back to me for review.
I'll personally get back to you with suggestions on how to improve
your nutrition within 14 days.
This bonus alone has the potential to transform your fat loss results forever.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 2: Benson Manento's 73 Rapid Fat Loss Tips E-Book
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ATL's finest, Benson Manento, shares his 73 most coveted tips for
rapid fat loss so that you can experience the benefits of his simple,
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Benson really believes he was put on earth to serve and change the
lives of many. It is safe to say he is living out his purpose.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 3: Ed Scow's 10 Minute Workouts (a value of $19.99) -
Ed gives you the perfect companion to the Aussie Fatblast Optimise
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FAST ACTION BONUS # 4: Chris Lopez on the Aussie Fatblast Hotseat (a
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or the world's busiest person. Chris spills the beans on some of his
favorite time saving exercises and food tips that will ensure even
the busiest people stay lean.

FAST ACTION BONUS # 5: Noel Lyons Interviews Daniel Munday (a value of
$29.77) One of the UK's Premier Fitness Experts, Noel Lyons grills Daniel on
why he does what he does as well as discussing attitudes to exercise
and motivation secrets that you must know to succeed on your fat loss
mission including why Determination plus Motivation plus Perspiration
really does equal Performance.

And I tell you what Rylan, because I like what you're doing I'll even
throw in another secret bonus that is exclusive for your readers ONLY.

I did a great phone call with my mate Ben Warstler on Friday, who's
known as The Former Fat Kid. Ben has some great insights on what
made him take action to get the great body that he has today.

For anyone that signs up through your site Rylan, I'll personally
email that to them as well. But they have to take action before
Friday. How bout that?

Thanks for having me on board champ and I just want to say one final
thing to everyone out there.

There is a new world order of fat loss that is emerging and I believe
that once people embrace these new theories only then will they get
the body that they have dreamed about for years. Imagine how great
that will feel?

Thanks Dan for this opportunity to chat with you, I really appreciate it.
So there you are folks, if you want to get in on this great deal head on over
to Dan's site by clicking below and pick up your extra bonus for being one
of my readers.

Aussie Fat Blast

Helping you achieve toned and sexy arms (and the rest of your body as well)