Monday, October 20, 2008

Gauranteed Fat Loss? Yes, really!

I have something I am really excited to share with you today.

My friend Daniel Munday has just today launched his ultimate fat
loss solution for the busy professional – the Aussie Fatblast
Success System and he asked me to tell you about it.

After checking out the program, I felt that it is something you
should really be checking out for yourself.


I must admit I was a little skeptical when this guy from down in
Australia came out and told me he had another fat loss product.

But the difference with this one though is that the Aussie Fatblast
System shows that it’s possible in only 20 minutes or less a day to
achieve some pretty cool fat loss results.

The Aussie Fatblast Success System has really filled a hole in the
fat loss market as most programs realistically did not cater for
the person who was too busy to fit in regular workouts.

The Aussie Fatblast system definitely hits the nail on the head for
this, delivering short workouts that maximise the big bang
exercises to put your metabolism into overdrive and help you burn
fat even while you sleep.

The program itself is pretty cool, but the thing that really got me
onside was the amazing bonuses that Daniel has been able to get his
hands on.

Most of them he created himself – such as the Secret Guide to Smart
Eating which is a lot different to anything else I have seen.
Basically, Daniel doesn’t pull any punches and tells some pretty
hard hitting truths about nutrition and how people have been lied
to for so long (even by nutritionists). He even designed a new look
food pyramid that shows you what we all should really be eating.

There is also his manual specifically dedicated to interval
training – Pulse Intervals. These sessions are quick – 10 minutes
max plus warm up and cool down of 5 mins total yet still give you
results, so are ideal for the busy person short on time.

One of the other bonuses is really cool too. He has come up with 13
½ Meals (don’t ask me how you can get half a meal!) that you can
cook in 13 ½ minutes or less so the busy person no longer has an
excuse not to cook. Pretty handy huh?

There are also two mp3 audios, one from the master motivator,
speaker and author Chris Widener and one from an up and coming guy
who is known as the Maniac Mental.


But it gets even better. Daniel has got a special launch offer of
$29.77 just for you guys and the price is going up $10 before he
tells the rest of the world.

And if you are still to cross the line, he has put up another 5
fast action, time sensitive bonuses on top of the 12 books and
mp3s. One of these alone will pay for your investment many times
over and that’s a personal food diary review where you can submit
to Daniel what you eat over a 7 day period and he will personally
give you some feedback on where you can improve!

To check out all of the bonuses that you can get your hands on, I’d
seriously recommend you check out the Aussie Fatblast Success
System at the following site:


And as Daniel often says:
Don’t let fear hold you back!

It simply would take me months of hard work for hours and hours a
day to put together a dedicated fat-burning program like this,
so I have no hesitation in recommending this product for you. I
son't see any point in creating my own version when Daniel has
done such an amazing job.

And if anyone knows how to stay lean, it's the Aussies. These folks
have beach season all year long. They don't have the luxury of
covering themselves up in warm baggy clothes like us Canadians up

Helping you acheive toned and sexy arms,


PS. Remember how I've been telling you about my success with
self-hypnosis and subliminal messages in my own loss goals?
Well, I was so impressed with Daniel's program that I contributed
two of my very own bonuses to this great offer he's making.

Now, this isn't listed on the webpage, as it's a bit of a secret,
but if you go to his website and decide to pick this offer up by
clic.king on the purchase button, you
will have a one-time chance to pick up the "executives club package''
and I highly recommend that you get it.

It's only an extra 38 bucks, and it will get you BOTH my self
hypnosis AND subliminal re-programming audio sessions, PLUS three
other bonuses. When and if I decide to release these to my customers,
they will be sold for much more than $38 bucks each. But right
now I don't know if I have the time to add them to my website,
so I just might leave them with Daniel.

So if you want effortless fat-loss, head over to
and pick up the "Executives Club Package" to get the most lethal
and effective fat burning program I have ever come across.