Monday, February 16, 2009

Fitness Expert Interviews Rylan Duggan

Hey folks, here is the rest of the interview with that was done with me last week (the interviewer has asked to remain anonymous until their article is published, at which time I can reveal their identity)...

As promised, I’m back again today with the juicy details of my interview with Canada’s ‘Problem Part Pro’ fitness expert, Rylan Duggan, and our discussion about his new Go Sleeveless system that promises better results than plastic surgery.

This morning at 12:01 am was the start of his very short and secret 72 hour sale where he is offering a massive bundled package of all his fitness products for over 90% off. Did you get your copy yet?
Go Sleeveless

So I am sure you are wondering, just like I was, how Rylan can offer better results than plastic surgery with his Go Sleeveless system. After all, he claims to be able help women eliminate sagging and flabby arms, muffin top, mommy belly, and so much more, with a simple system that only requires 90 minutes of work per week. It sounds too good to be true, but after interviewing him, it all makes perfect sense, and I can see that he is definitely on to something here, so lets get to the details of my interview with him…

Q: Rylan, your program states that your customers will be able to get better results than plastic surgery! How is that possible? This must be a scam! It’s simply too good to be true.

Rylan: I know how incredible in sounds, but trust me, this is no scam. Yes, you will get better results with Go Sleeveless than if you went under the knife, it’s no trick, and there is no fine print.

Let me explain how this is possible…

If you were to go in for plastic surgery for liposuction, the most fat they could take out of you is 4-6lbs (or roughly 2-3 kilos). Any more than this, and the risk of serious complications skyrockets due to the chance of excessive bleeding, being under anesthetic too long, and other such factors.

After the surgery, you will experience significant pain and swelling from anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on how fast your body recovers. You will also have to take potentially harmful medications to handle the pain from this invasive surgery - have you SEEN the way they ram that sucker in and out of people’s bodies on shows like Extreme Makeover? Not exactly delicate! Many women are also confined to their easy-chair for over a month to ensure that they don’t cause any further damage to the tissues while their body heals.

Furthermore, whenever there is trauma to the tissue, the muscles in that area essentially shut-off and go into protective mode. This coupled with the fact that you aren’t able to exercise and move around results in muscle wasting, a lowering of your metabolism, and fat gain.

By the time the full results from your surgery are seen, it has been more than 8 weeks, your metabolism is slower, you’ve gained body fat, you’ve lost muscle tissue and tone, your fitness has decreased, you’ve been taking harmful painkillers, and you’re also several thousand dollars poorer from the cost of the surgery and having to take time off work. All for a couple measly kilos?! Doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

On the other hand, in the time it would have taken you to recover from plastic surgery, you could have completed the first Go Sleeveless program. You would have lost over 10-20 lbs of body fat (or more), gained muscle, toned and sculpted your arms, boosted your metabolism, improved your health and cardiovascular fitness, gotten stronger and done it all in the comfort of your own home in less than 90 minutes a week (freeing up even more time for you and your family).

Better yet, there would be no time off work, you wouldn’t have had to endure any pain, and you could live a normal life. Once you really put these two options side to side, why would anyone chose plastic surgery over Go Sleeveless?

Q: Okay, that makes perfect sense. I guess I didn’t realize that surgery was actually like that. I think most of us assume it’s an easy quick fix, but it doesn’t seem to be the case does it?

Rylan: No, it’s definitely not. You see, the plastic surgery industry has been lying to you. Remember, this is a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on people’s insecurities and makes them think that they only way they will ever be happy with their body is do go under the knife.

I was fed up with it, and I was determined to give women a solution to eliminating their problem areas quickly, easily, and without going under the knife. That is how Go Sleeveless was born. I wanted to prove to women that they didn’t need plastic surgery to be happy.

Q: Okay, so what about women who haven’t considered surgery, or aren’t looking for results that are that extreme. Can Go Sleeveless still help them?

Rylan: Absolutely. The reason why I compare my system to plastic surgery, is because for many people, they think that surgery is the ULTIMATE solution. They don’t really think that they can get results that are that good through targeted exercise and a proper nutrition plan. However, even if you would never even consider surgery, but are unhappy with your flabby arms, then this program will without a doubt help you in ways you never thought possible.

Q: All right, that makes sense. I guess we do put plastic surgery up on a pedestal. I guess it is shows like ‘Extreme Makeover’, and ‘The Swan’ that glorify it and make us think that way. So let’s talk a little more about flabby arms. Your program initially started as a solution for women with wanted to eliminate ‘bat-wings’ or flabby and saggy upper arms right? Can you tell me more about how someone using your program will be able to lose them once and for all? And also, what about women who are already in good shape, but still have sagging arms even though they don’t have too much body fat? Can this still help them? Isn’t that just sagging skin that they are stuck with?

Rylan: Those are great questions. Yes Go Sleeveless initially started for a program for just the arms, but in my upcoming 3 day launch sale on February 16th, I have added many new programs to cover every problem part that women routinely deal with.

But regardless of what problem areas you have, I want to make something very clear: Whether you’ve got 1 pound to lose, or 100, the principals are really the same. Burn fat, build muscle, and raise your metabolism, and you will eliminate your problem areas, arms included.

Go Sleeveless accomplishes all three of these tasks. If you are already at the point where you don’t need to lose any more weight, the exercises in Go Sleeveless will simply rev up your metabolism ever further (making it even easier to keep the weight off permanently) and bring out the definition and tone in your arms.

By focusing specific attention on all the muscles of the arms - not just simply the triceps - which is the mistake that every other program for arms out there makes - you will cause the loose and sagging skin to form back to the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscle) and eliminate the drooping. Your muscles will become sculpted and defined without becoming bulky, and the hormonal changes that will happen within your body will cause the skin to rejuvenate itself and regain its elasticity and firmness making your arms toned and sexy again. So even sagging skin is eliminated.

Also, by utilizing the full-body exercises and fat-burning cardio workouts, and a nutrition plan that boosts your metabolism by keeping a steady flow of high quality nutrients coming (you will never be hungry on this plan) you ensure that any remaining body fat is melted away quickly and effectively.

So I guess that’s the long answer for; whether you have arms that are too big and saggy, or arms that are skinny and saggy, this program will work for you.

Q: So Rylan, a concern that many women have is that if they start exercising their arms more, that they will bulk up and get even bigger. How do they avoid this?

Rylan: First off, let me make something very clear. Women simply do not have the hormones to build big and bulky muscles; it defies nature. The monstrosities you see on stage at women’s body-building competitions are often injecting male hormones, and taking their training to the extremes by lifting weights up to three or four hours a day. This WILL NOT happen to you unless you start following the same habits as bodybuilders.

What can happen to some women is this: when they begin strength training, they don’t follow a program that successfully eliminates body fat at the same time. This is actually the most common reason why no other program out there has been successful at eliminating saggy and flabby arms until now. These programs ignore the important role of burning body fat, and just focus on exercises for developing the arms. As the muscle starts to develop, it will push the fat out further, making the arms appear even bigger.

Go Sleeveless eliminates this problem by not using exercises that build the arms, but instead using exercises that sculpt and define the muscle, and burn off body fat rapidly as well. All of the exercises in Go Sleeveless have been chosen because they are great at boosting the metabolism, burning fat, and tightening and toning the arms, NOT making them big and bulky.

Q: That’s great. I am sure that will come as a relief to many women. Now, I think another obvious question is this. If someone wants to focus on their arms for a few weeks, what happens to the rest of their body in the meantime? I can imagine that if I did only an arm program for 6 weeks that the rest of my body would fall behind. What happens in this case? I mean, even if you love your arms by the end of the program, I doubt you would be satisfied if the rest of you got worse right?

Rylan: I was hoping you would ask this, and I’m glad you realize that you can’t just work on one body part while the rest of your body just sits around and waits for some action.

If you chose to focus on just one body part for 6 weeks, chances are, the rest of your body could slip during this time. When I created Go Sleeveless I knew women needed to fix their problem arms, but I also knew that if they had problem arms, they probably have some other areas they aren’t happy with as well. That’s why I designed Go Sleeveless to be a full-body transforming program that places extra focus on toning and sculpting the arms.

The fact is, while Go Sleeveless will eliminate saggy and flabby arms, it will also help women lose a ton of body fat, as well as tone and define their whole body at the same time. Women who have completed Go Sleeveless have not only eliminated their problem arms, but have defeated many other trouble spots like love handles, mommy belly, and big thighs as well.

Q: Wow, that sounds great. So what about the other programs that you are offering during this secret promo of yours? Do they work other areas of the body too?

Rylan: Indeed they do. The way the Go Sleeveless system works is like this: You pick a specific problem part of your body that you want to eliminate, work on that for 6 to 8 weeks, then pick the next one. For example, if you are sick and tired of flabby arms, then you would choose the Go Sleeveless program. This program is 6 weeks in duration, and by the end of it you will have eliminated your problem arms. During this program you will also be given exercises to help improve your whole body at the same time. After completing that, you may then choose to work on your love handles, so you would then progress to the Love Handle Eliminator program for 6 weeks. Every program in the Go Sleeveless system allows you to focus on one trouble area, while at the same time losing body fat and transforming your entire body as well.

Q: So this system really seems like a way to design your body exactly the way you want it right?

Rylan: Exactly! During my 3 day promo, I am giving every program away in one bundle for over 90% off. In this package there are over an entire YEARS worth of training programs that can be done in your own home. One for every problem part you may have. This entire system is a step-by-step process for creating your body exactly the way you want it, without expensive or invasive plastic surgery. You won’t even need your gym membership or your personal trainer anymore.

Q: I didn’t even think of it that way, so people could literally save several hundred or even thousands of dollars in the next few months by giving up their expensive gym membership and personal training sessions couldn’t they?

Rylan: That’s the idea. Everyone is in a cash crunch now, and that’s why I am offering this special 90% off sale for three days only. I want everyone to be able to get these programs regardless of their financial situation, and also save them money on expensive and useless services that aren’t working for them anyway. And because it takes such a small time commitment, you will free up literally hours each week.

Q: That does sound pretty enticing. But with this sale, obviously you can’t keep that up for long can you? What happens at the end of three days?

Rylan: You’re right. I need to make a living too, just like everyone else. At the end of the three days, the price has to go up to be able to cover my costs (I am actually losing money during the three day promo). The bonuses will get removed and the programs are only available at their cover prices. That’s why I want people to know about this 3 day promo, so they can get every program for one really low price while everyone is feeling the crunch.

Q: Well Rylan, I want to thank you for your time. I can clearly see that this is no scam or smoke and mirrors, this is the real deal. It’s nice to find someone who really cares about getting his customers results, and not just making a quick buck off them.

Rylan: You are more than welcome. I really do care for every one of my clients and customers, I want to see people succeed; I want to see them finally achieve a body that they are happy with. That is the reward I get from this work. And that is why I give my special ‘Better Than Surgery Guarantee’. If you use my program and don’t get results that rival that of plastic surgery or better, I will repay you every single cent. I know I could lose my shirt on this, but I know how well the program works, I have seen it work time and time again, and I know people will be so happy that they aren’t going to want their money back.

Q: Well I think that says it all. Thanks again Rylan, and where can they get the Go Sleeveless System and your special 90% off 3 day sale?

The sale runs 72 hours for February 16th, 17th, and 18th, and can be found at the link below.

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