Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Big and Jiggley Thighs

There’s no other way to describe it…Thunder Thighs. It conjures such a vivid image that everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about without getting into the gory details. For most women, big and bulky thighs and calves are probably the most stubborn and un-responsive problem area they will ever confront. Hormones are working against you, making fat storage in this area almost inevitable. It seems that Mother Nature intended you to have big thighs. Why couldn’t you be lucky like men who have to work desperately to build up their legs? Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?

Unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Instead you’re stuck with legs that seem to grow no matter what you do, exercise or not. They jiggle when you walk, your inner thighs constantly rub together, and you simply will not wear skirts or shorts that show off your legs - and bathing suits or lingerie - forget about it!

For women, body fat has a notorious affinity for the areas on the inside and above the knees. When standing with your legs straight, this has the unfortunate habit of bulging and hanging over the tops of the knees, making the problem look even worse than it is, and adding to further embarrassment. Of course, so does cellulite; and more than anywhere cellulite loves to take hold on the inner and outer thighs and knees. And lets not forget the calves either. Heels can only do so much to create the illusion of long and sexy legs. At some point the heels have to come off and you’re stuck with reality again.

Unfortunately the fitness industry has unethically preyed on women like you who are desperate to trim down their thunder thighs. They’ve created equipment and exercise machinery that actually contributes to bulking up your thighs. Just walk into any women’s only section of a gym and you will find women squeezing away on machines designed to work the inner thigh, the outer thigh, the front of the thigh, and the back of the thigh, all while thinking they are combating the problem. The real problem is that these machines do nothing to shrink your thighs, and will actually make your thighs bulge even more.

So is the solution just to abandon exercise all together and simply cover-up with long skirts, pants, and jeans, and then hold it all in with various types of control-top pantyhose? Well, you could continue to create the illusion of toned, defined, and sexy legs like most women concede too, but wouldn’t it be better to actually have long and lean legs that you are proud to show off? Of course it would, but genetics are working against you, so it’s nothing but a pipe dream to get your hopes up and think that way, right? Wrong!

The answer is really quite simple. There are a number of exercises that work your entire legs, from calves to butt, that will NOT bulk you up, and that WILL tone, define, and sculpt your legs. Now, they aren’t machine’s you will find in a gym, and they don’t require the use of heavy weights. However they are still incredibly effective at melting body fat, tightening and firming the legs, reducing fat and cellulite around the knees, and sculpting the calves. Now, these exercises aren’t well known, in fact some of them you wouldn’t even think were designed for your legs. However together, combined with a cardio program designed to melt fat and tone muscle, they work synergistically to create an incredibly effective program that ensures thunder thighs will be eliminated for good; regardless of genetics, regardless of age, regardless of how bad the problem is right now.

And you’re about to discover this life-transforming program right within the pages of the Thunder Thigh Eliminator Program.