Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to tone your upper arms and get rid of bat wings

Can you believe this?

I am still shocked when I look at this before and after photo.

This is proof positive that you can undergo an incredible transformation at any age.

DO NOT buy into the crap that the plastic surgeons and cosmetologists tell you about the 'inevitable process of aging'. It is a bunch of bull, and you deserve to know the truth!

At 60 years old, Christine discovered The Truth, and is now in the best shape of her life.

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Jen F. said...

Kind of cool to see 2 pictures I took on the internet, lol!

I was trying to find 'before' photos for Mom and there are VERY few in existence from recent years. The first photo you have there [the 'before'] I got by catching Mom off guard, usually the only way I could get a photo of her!

I hope many women will be inspired to see that fitness can be attained even at age 60 after many years of being obese.

Jennifer [Chris's daughter]