Saturday, February 28, 2009

Exercises to get toned and sculpted arms.

What exercises are the best for toning and sculpting the arms?

There isn't just one that's better than the rest; it takes quite a few exercises that work various muscles to get the absolute best overall effect for sculpting the arms.

But instead of me preaching to you about which arm toning exercises I recommend, why don't you let me know which exercises you have the most difficulty with?

There are always exercises that many folks don't know if they are doing correctly, so let me know what those are.

Over the next couple days I am going to be filming custom workout videos for some private clients, and while I am at it, I thought I would do a few free exercise demos for you as well.

Just leave me a comment with the exercise that you want me to film, it doesn't even have to be from the Go Sleeveless program, and I will do a video of the top three exercise videos and post them on my YouTube page for you to view at no charge.

So, the floor is yours. Ask away...


Anonymous said...

I'm just starting out with deadlifts in my program - I am still working on connecting with the right muscles. Is it a hamstring exercise or a low back exercise???

A visual explaination would be very useful. Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, ive got a xtrainer which i do 15mins a day on for my cardio and after that i was wanting to do excercises for my arms, ive lost weight and still got more to loose and my arms where very big and now they got the jiggles at the mo, what excercises should i do after my cardio? ive been just doing press ups, and 1.5kg dumbell over the back of head im not sure what you call that excercise??? any more suggestions please to help get rid of my jiggles, oh and im only loosing 1.5 to 1kg a week aswell, i was 123kg and im now 95kg wanting to get to my goal weight of 70kg can my jiggles be helped and go away.

Catherine said...

Hey Rylan, I think so far I am doing pretty well with most of the exercises. Your recorded files really help with that and it is interesting to see how the correct form makes such a difference. The one exercise I am not quite sure I am doing correctly is the cable chops. I would love a demonstration of that one ! Thanks !

Myra said...

Hi Rylan,

How about the French curl for triceps, and how to properly execute a bench dip.


Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

great suggestions ladies. I'll let this go for another day and then I will shoot the most popular ones.

Been getting a lot of emails too, so I will be sure to consider those as well.

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I don't know where to begin...but how you do a video for the exercise you think is most effective for triceps.

Am having a major problem with that area so would appreciate any exercise does not require me to go the gym as I workout at home. I have dumbbells and tubing.



Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

Ok, so I've compiled all the emails and posts I have received, and there were a few common exercises that a lot of ladies had questions about.

The top three were:

Cable Chops
Bench Dip

Remember, the Go Sleeveless program is packed full of all of the best exercises for toning and sculpting the arms, but it's not just about the arms.

You MUST work your entire body if you want to lose massive amounts of body fat and lose the jiggle from your arms.

That's why exercises like squats and deadlifts are so vital to the program.

They stimulate body fat burning and ramp up your metabolism and make the program much more effective than just another 'arms program'.

Anonymous said...

hey i lost 30 kgs and now my arms and thigs are sagging !
im gymming regularly !
how do i change my diet for effective results in minimum time ?and which exercises do i stress on?
reply ASAP

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS said...

The Daily Detox Diet and the exercise program at are designed exactly for the problem you are experiencing right now.

It will take about 6 weeks to get full results, but will be well worth it.