Thursday, February 5, 2009

How To Firm, Tone, and Lift Your Butt

Ah, the elusive great butt. So few ever achieve it. Our anatomical pillow, by it’s very nature designed to be soft and squishy. But soft and squishy doesn’t look good in a bikini or lingerie does it? Nor is a big bubble butt easy to hide. As unfortunate as it is, our butts are out there and subjected to other people’s judgment…“look at the size of her butt!’’…“look at the caboose on that one!”… “she doesn’t have the butt for those pants”... “wow, she shouldn’t be wearing a bathing suit with that thing”. Not flattering comments, but if you listen closely at the gym, the beach, or just about anywhere on the street, this is the hurtful reality of what people are saying.

Your problem butt may fall into one of two classes: too big, or too small. Too big and you can’t do a thing to hide it no matter what you wear, except maybe a trench coat or poncho. It makes finding jeans that fit you properly a near impossibility, and when it comes time to don that bathing suit, well, you don’t even want to think about how self-conscious you become. It seems like every step you take you are worried about how your butt looks, who’s staring, what comments they are making, and “how long is it until winter again?” The jiggling, cellulite, and unsightly bulges are absolutely mortifying, but what can you do? Besides, if you try and make some excuse not to wear a bathing suit, it makes it so obvious how embarrassed you are about your body. Sometimes that’s even worse.

If you’re on the other side of the coin with a flat butt, it isn’t any better. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some shape and lift that sagging, droopy rear end? Some have actually resorted to padded contraptions like ‘falsies’ for your butt, and on the extreme side even butt-implants. For some, doing anything to keep their jeans from sagging in the rear, and adding some shape to their figure when wearing anything snug (especially those blasted yoga pants) is worth the cost. And isn’t it so ironic that even through you have a flat butt, it’s still not firm and toned? You just can’t win can you?

While programs like “Buns of Steel” and other such devices and exercise videos have came and went, they always missed the mark. And that’s because nothing has ever attacked all the reasons why your butt is flabby, droopy, and unshapely. These programs have never included exercises that work your butt from the necessary angles that sculpt a well-defined rear-end, and more importantly, never achieve the single most important goal that any program focused on firming your butt must include…burning fat!

If you ever want to shape, tone, and define your butt (whether its too big, or too small) you must burn off the fat, and then develop the underlying muscle. I really is that simple, but until now, has been completely ignored by fitness gadget and exercise video manufacturers.

So if you want to create a sexy rear-end that looks great in jeans, yoga pants, bathing suits, or lingerie (and even naked), then you are in the right place. By the end of this program, you’ll still be able to hear the comments whispered as you walk by, but this time they will be ones of envy.